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    Wednesday, June 24, 2009

    Cutting Edge Cyber war: Civilians lead.

    Cutting Edge Cyber war., Civilians lead.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The cyber war paradigms are being developed by
    the civilians and terrorists.

    Al Qaeda was among the front runners using
    the WWW for warfare. Not by design but by
    As their communication channels were shut
    down they move on to what ever was left.
    And at the bottom of preferred communications
    was the Internet, now it is the preferred
    method of communication.

    While the Military focused on denying
    the enemy communications, and methods
    to take out the infrastructure or destroy
    communications systems, the Iran
    regime focused on denying its citizens
    communication to the out side world.

    The leadership of the world was caught
    off guard by the Iranian freedom protesters.

    Hundreds of thousands marching in the
    streets while the poloticos argue what to
    do and how much to say.

    While the World leadership ponders
    what to do the Civilian sector
    stepped forward with a paradigm
    and instituted it.

    Providing the Iranian civilians methods
    routes and training to pierce the
    wall of silence the regime in Iran has tried
    to enforce.

    The civilian sector has enforced a "communications
    light up" against the regime, as oppoesed to the
    black out the regime tries to enforce.

    The Military is entrenched in a legacy paradigm
    they rejected for coastal defense a hundred years ago.

    The Military is focused on DEFENDING the networks.
    Like they defended the coast 100 years ago.

    There are NO coastal defenses in USA.
    They don't work.
    Coast defenses are all offensive now.

    I;m not saying they should drop defenses
    but they must see the benefit to having offensive
    cyber forces?

    The Military have no offensive armed cyber forces.
    Just a firewall the world pounds and beats against
    with impunity.
    And the focus on the mop up after a breach.

    The Military have no Cyber rules of engagement.

    Iranians appeal for help and the civilian sector
    creates a paradigm and acts to support them.

    The civilian sector has a FAST Cyber reaction force.
    Deployable any where in the world, and manned 24/7.
    And the civilian sector has rules of engagement,
    based on self defense.

    The civilian sector does the heavy lifting until
    the Politicians decide what they are going to do..
    And until and if the Military ever get the cyber capability.

    Some feds regard the civilian sector as a threat.
    They are not. They are transparent to the Feds.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    Cyber battle field in Iran.






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