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    Tuesday, June 23, 2009

    Growth of the Tor Network

    Growth of the Tor Network

    In the past few days the Tor network is seeing a lot of new users coming from Iran. At the same time we have heard from many people who want to support the Tor network by setting up more relays and bridges. Now we wanted to know, are these just promises, or did the network really grow? Here are the results:

    The number of relays has grown by 359 or 24% to now 1827 relays within only one week to the highest number of relays the network has ever seen. Likewise, the number of bridges has increased by an incredible 69 % from 255 to 432 within one week. Awesome!

    So, does this mean everything is taken care of and no more relays or bridges are needed? Not at all! As you may know, Tor has some performance issues that are, among other things, the result of too few bandwidth capacity for too many clients. If you can, go setup more relays and bridges and keep them running even when the conflicts in the world do not hit the headlines. Be sure that your support is much appreciated!






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