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    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    Iran Abusing the hearts and minds

    Winning the hearts and minds
    Abusing the hearts and minds
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    USA did not see this coming.
    Iran did not see this coming.

    USA didn't win the hearts and minds
    Iran lost the hearts and minds.

    The regime by abusing the people
    has turned the people against the regime.

    Our contacts in Iran had told us
    Iran was a powder keg, but we
    thought it was just anti-regime
    Our apologies....

    The chanting of
    "Death to America" was it real?

    Just because many of the people
    are anti-regime does not mean
    they are pro-American.

    In the next few weeks the ground
    work will be laid for the new
    Iranian /American paradigm.

    What USA does and doesn't do
    will determine the new Iranian

    USA cannot get the regime
    any more angry at American
    than they are now.

    Currently there is no
    reprochmon with Iran.

    Its hard to see how USA
    could worsen the Iranian

    However inaction could
    damage any relationship
    with the new Iranian Government.

    The civilians are supporting
    the protesters in all areas.

    Supplying proxys, vpn ,
    Tor, and keeping com open.

    This is a chance to work out
    a new nuclear paradigm
    with Iran.

    Neither Iran nor America
    want war, but the world
    cannot allow the current
    regime to get nukes.

    And I think the Iranian
    people understand this.




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