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    Friday, June 19, 2009

    This weekend is very dangerous.

    This weekend is very dangerous.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthroplogist Think Tank

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini watches from high in his very secure building
    the huge human snake wind through the streets 200,000 strong and wonders
    if and when they will turn violent.

    He has some fears himself, he the supreme ruler has ordered them off the streets
    and instead of leaving they multiply.
    He has ordered secret killings under the cover of darkness to try and scare them
    from the streets and that has failed.
    So now he is bringing in the Basij to start whole sale killing on a small scale.
    He hopes this will restore his power and the people will fear him again.

    Faking the election results is a problem.

    He has to wrestle with the "Assembly of Experts" if he doesn't gain
    control soon they might try and replace him, of course he can
    always replace the leader before he moves to replace him.
    There is alot of strange allaiences going on in the background.
    Ruhollah Khomeini isn't a real Ayatollah.
    Just a wealthy businessman, ruthless and good at
    power politics.

    But is he good enough to crush these demonstrators under
    his thumb. Basij can kill hundreds opr thousands of them.
    But the world is watching, what will their reactions be?

    Obama is right where Khomeini wants him, if Obama speaks
    against Iran he can blame the whole thing on the CIA.

    This whole mess is distracting his focus from getting
    a nuclear weapon.

    Once he has a Nuke he can CRUSH the resistance
    kill them all, and no one can lift a finger against him.

    N. Korea has a ship with a surprise cargo for Iran,
    and he needs just a month to activate and test it.

    He is trying to figure how to get that extra time.
    This uprising by the Iranian people has taken
    everyone by surprise, Iran Intelligence and
    even American Intelligence was caught off guard.

    He doesn't care about the people they are expendable
    for the greater Iranian caliphate.

    But how to quiet them, buy enough time to get a

    He has all the intelligence services working on this.

    And some very bloody surprises in store for
    the protesters, He is so close to a nuke,
    he can't allow the protesters to take control now.

    Soon he will be able to bully the Americans like
    N. Korea does now.

    And Saudi Arabia will also pay the price
    when he gets a nuke, not to mention the JEWS.

    All that power with in his grasp and the people
    take to the streets, He will crush them.

    He has all intelligence services arresting them and
    trying to cut off access to the outside world.

    There is nothing the people can do, he will kill them.

    Or is there something the people can do?

    A general strike,
    close down all streets and services.
    But he is prepared to deal with that with
    violence, mass killing if necessary.

    But the resistance has an ace in the hole.
    Something new the supreme leader has never

    The Iranian people have the capibility to
    close down Irans WWW.

    Shutting down the Government, closing
    the regime, banks, communication and
    military communications.

    Its just a question of organization and

    The power is out there and the world is
    willing to help the Iranian people.

    All they have to do is ask in a unified
    voice, and act to bring down the Iranian
    WWW with an intense DDOS atack.

    The choice is up to the Iranians.
    The decision is their's.

    If they act the people of the world will join them.

    This is a new Paradigm the supreme leader
    is not even aware of.
    No government intervention is needed.
    The Iranian people have the POWER.
    The choice is theirs.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.





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