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    Saturday, June 20, 2009

    How to defeat the Taliban

    How to defeat the Taliban

    Shaukat Malik is a Muslim-American Certified Public Accountant from Potomac. A native of Pakistan, he arrived in the United States in 1980.

    In Pakistan, the religious schools called madrassas were created during the Afghan war as factories for producing future mujahedeen to fight the Soviet infidels. It was a win for all parties involved. They were financed by Middle East money and America’s acquiescence.

    Today there are thousands of madrassas scattered all over Pakistan providing lodging and shelter to poor children, who have nowhere else to turn. Each madrassa is like an orphanage run by fascist clerics.

    Madrassas today teach hatred of non-Muslims using an orthodox interpretation of the Quran taught by self-serving mullahs lacking formal education. Brainwashed children graduating as clerics are taught to believe that salvation is only possibly by establishing an Islamic kingdom governed under their interpretation of Sharia law.

    All actions -- training suicide bombers, storing weapons, harassing local citizens, beheading, whipping and stoning -- are justifiable in this struggle. madrassas share the Taliban’s ideology and are their natural partners and allies.

    In 2007, students of madrassas affiliated with Lal Masjid in Islamabad, using Taliban-style intimidation, kidnapped women and openly harassed citizens. Using heavy firepower the students fought with Pakistan army.

    Unfortunately, the dictatorship of former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf allowed madrassas to operate unchecked and used them as a scarecrow for the West.

    The Taliban running from Swat will find safe houses in these madrassas. The only way to stop them from regrouping is to completely reform madrassas by converting them into regular schools, graduating useful members of society. Also, family planning, ignored by previous governments, must be encouraged nationwide to reduce unwanted births and numbers of children requiring boarding and lodging.

    Converting Madrassas to regular schools will quickly root out these hornets’ nests and allow Pakistanis to start breathing again and realize their true long-term potential.

    Pakistan government must take immediate action using U.S. aid dollars. This will indeed help root out the cancer of Taliban and put Pakistan back on the right track.






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