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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    Civilian Stragic Cyber Command:

    Civilian Stragic Cyber Command:
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Unfortunately this post also includes a "Heads Up their ASS"

    The story starts with a Internet shoplifting for $24
    and a Fine of $2 million dollars.

    I'm speaking of the RIAA related suite for some woman's
    kids down loading 24 songs on the Internet and the award
    against her for $2 million dollars.

    RIAA has its head up its ass for trying to force a
    White Elephant paradigm on the Internet.

    Their product is mostly virtual, they just rearrange
    bytes on someones PC for a fee and you see a movie
    or hear music. And they are trying to enforce a paradigm
    that applies to a bricks and mortar product.

    RIAA managed to get two of their attorneys appointed
    to the Justice Department.

    And they got a $2 million dollar award for a $24 dollar shoplifting

    They are currently working on making ISP cut off any one that
    downloads their virtual product, without paying a fee.

    And they have made secret agreements with other Governments.
    To protect their virtual product.

    In effect they have created a Internet Sheriff on the Internet
    for their movies and music.

    There are no agreements, or arrangements like this
    for ID theft or hackers stealing money.

    Although RIAA has its head up its ass, they have developed
    a new paradigm for a Civilian Stragic Cyber Command:.

    To protect the WWW.

    A cyber UN , with power to cut off non complying members.

    And the Conficker worm Group, another example of
    Civilians banding together to protect the net.

    I'm just saying the Paradigm is there.

    Look at the civilian support for the Iranians from the World.

    It can be done.
    And the Military are years behind the Civilians.

    A heads up thier ass also goes to the Judge and jury,
    either of which could have said NO, this is nutz.


    Ah while I'm at it here are some more "Heads up their
    asses" award.

    Bennie got a what 70 year sentence
    for maybe $50 billion swindle.
    And the American Bank Mafia corps
    Gets 3 Trillion dollars from the Government
    for pushing the Toxic paper debacle
    and a price tag in the Trillions and
    buggered the rest of the world.
    And starting the World depression.
    And the financial sector is allowed
    to function for the poor as a loan shark
    legally charging 402% interest rates.
    And then there are the criminal credit
    card cos, mostly banks, also working as
    loan sharks.

    They still have not reinstated the Glass
    Segal act.
    Award goes to Congress.





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