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    Sunday, June 28, 2009

    What have we wrought?

    What have we wrought?
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The civilian sector has picked up the fight
    in support of the Iranian people.

    So far the civilian sector has help provide
    encrypted secret channels of communication
    for the Iranian people.

    And made the effort so the "Whole world
    is watching" phenomenon.

    And indeed the whole world is watching.
    Including our enemies, al Qaeda, Taliban
    and criminals.

    The civilian sector has not introduced any
    new technology just put many of them together
    to defeat the Iranian Inrtelligence services.

    While I am proud of the Iranian people and
    the Iranian cyber Mujahideen.

    But it gives me pause.
    We have tracked down and traced
    45 terrorist webmasters and hackers.
    Al Quada and taliban.

    Now they will start using the same technology
    for secure communications.

    And the cycle begins again,
    to try and find a way in to their
    com links and channels.

    And then I remember the start of the
    WWW, and its predecessor Bulletin boards.
    Back when no one even sold security programs.
    Everybody could run the Internet naked,
    no security at all.

    And I long for the days of no security
    and privacy.

    But al Qaeda changed all that.
    I have expended a large part of my

    But now the world must worry about
    the terrorist, nukes, and criminals.
    And how the web enables them.

    The trade off of the civilians of the
    world is to help Iranian people
    knowing the terrorist and criminals
    will also use the same secure programs.

    They made the choice and sacrifice.

    I salute them.

    Tactical InternetSystems analyst


    . What have we wrought?



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