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    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Cyber War round II, 05.27.09

    Iran's Web Spying Aided By Western Technology

    The Iranian regime has developed, with the assistance of European telecommunications companies, one of the world's most sophisticated mechanisms for controlling and censoring the Internet, allowing it to examine the content of individual online communications on a massive scale.

    Instead, in confronting the political turmoil that has consumed the country this past week, the Iranian government appears to be engaging in a practice often called deep packet inspection, which enables authorities to not only block communication but to monitor it to gather information about individuals, as well as alter it for disinformation purposes, according to these experts

    Deep packet inspection involves inserting equipment into a flow of online data, from emails and Internet phone calls to images and messages on social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Every digitized packet of online data is deconstructed, examined for keywords and reconstructed within milliseconds. In Iran's case, this is done for the entire country at a single choke point, according to networking engineers familiar with the country's system. It couldn't be determined whether the equipment from Nokia Siemens Networks is used specifically for deep packet inspection.

    All eyes have been on the Internet amid the crisis in Iran, and government attempts to crack down on information. The infiltration of Iranian online traffic could explain why the government has allowed the Internet to continue to function -- and also why it has been running at such slow speeds in the days since the results of the presidential vote spurred unrest.

    Users in the country report the Internet having slowed to less than a tenth of normal speeds. Deep packet inspection delays the transmission of online data unless it is offset by a huge increase in processing power, according to Internet experts

    Iran is "now drilling into what the population is trying to say," said Bradley Anstis, director of technical strategy with Marshal8e6 Inc., an Internet security company in Orange, Calif. He and other experts interviewed have examined Internet traffic flows in and out of Iran that show characteristics of content inspection, among other measures. "This looks like a step beyond what any other country is doing, including China."

    Iran, which has an estimated 23 million users, can track all online communication through a single location called the Telecommunication Infrastructure Co., part of the government's telecom monopoly. All of the country's international links run through the company.



    Civilian cyber war effort is now scrambling to counter the possibility of deep packet scanning.

    They are looking to encrypt the communication link from start to end, so the packet Scan see gibberish.

    And methods to encrypt the Iranian hard drives.

    Leaving the regime without any proofs just gibberish.

    The Iranian Intelligence agencys also have a tremendous problem how to deal with all the data,

    They can use key word mining software, but as the protesters also use secret words

    it tends to nullify the deep packet scanning.

    They have piles of stuff, maybe an encyclopedia of material a day,

    unfiltered and maybe a book of key word phrases that have to be checked by humans.

    Another option for the protesters is to shut down Iran's WWW completely.

    The target is clear the choke point., where all the data goes thru.

    there would several other targets to bring down all Gov communication,

    banks, ATM's bring the country to a halt.

    The protesters still hold the Winning card regarding the use of the Internet.

    The paradigm is changing daily, and the Civilian Genius sector, has managed

    to keep pace against a huge Government Intelligence combine in Iran.

    Now its about simple instructions for average users to work encrypted

    and around the Iranian Government filters and programs.

    The Genius civilian sector again rises to the challenge.

    In this paradigm we see world changing events

    and the power of the people of the world pitted against

    a tyrannical regime killing its own people.

    While the worlds Military powers sit helpless.

    US military decided yesterday to form a "Cyber

    command" to be active in a year.

    Humanity is gaining a Global voice.

    Becoming a global power.

    And the civilian sector cannot be blackmailed

    by nukes or threatened military.

    And has shown the POWER to take on

    a dictator ship and go toe to toe with them.

    coup d'├ętat in Iran, is a success

    The winners remain to be seen I'm betting on the Iranian people.



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