Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Saudi set to form new unit to fight cybercrime

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    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Saudi set to form new unit to fight cybercrime

    Saudi set to form new unit to fight cybercrime

    Saudi Arabia is launching a new crackdown on cybercrimes, including fraud, in the kingdom, it emerged on Sunday.

    A specialised department to look into online criminal activity will be formed in all the criminal investigation and criminal evidence departments in the country, it has been announced.

    Lt Gen Saeed Al-Qahtani, the director general of Public Security, revealed the plan while attending an investigation department workshop on financial crimes in Riyadh, Saudi Gazette reported.

    He said that because web-related crime was posing a threat to public security, authorities needed to act to fight back.

    Specialists will be used to fight the criminals online, he said, and the latest equipments would be used to find evidence and prosecute offenders.


    The Saudis also have a secret cyber anti-terrorism unit, 
    we have run across them a few times when fully cloaked.
    And they have a Great OSINT arm. The house of Saud doesn't miss
    much. And they have agressively pursued on line terrorist with
    some sucess.





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