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    Monday, April 06, 2009

    Stolen Cessna Pursued by Jet Fighters

    Stolen Cessna Pursued by Jet Fighters

    ...The plane ( Cessna 172 ) entered American airspace over Michigan's Upper Peninsula at 3:25 p.m. today and was trailed by the military aircraft since 4:43 p.m. as it flew over Minnesota, south through Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri....WHY DID IT TAKE NORAD FROM 3:25 PM TO 4:43 PM TO GET ON HIM?

    Cessna 172:
    Maximum speed: 123 knots (141 mph, 
    Cruise speed: 122 knots (140mph

    MAX SPEED 1,500 mph
    "a stall speed around 250 mph"

    On January 5, 2002 a high school student Charles J. Bishop stole a Cessna 172 and crashed it into the side of the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa, Florida, killing himself and no one else, but otherwise causing very little damage. See 2002 Tampa plane crash for more details.

    Student lucky to be alive.
    At one time he was very high,
    and the jets carefully buzzed
    him. He then dropped to a very reasonable height. They think his radio was OFF.




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