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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    house of cards: Cable tv

    Allen Greenspan embarrassed himself on "House of Cards" tv program about the sub-prime debacle.
    Saying there was nothing anybody could do about the fraud because of human nature.
    He was just embarassing.
    Golly I guess bank robery isn't so bad, its human nature.

    The House of Cards was enabled by ignorant and poor oversight by regulators.
    Including Allen Greenspan, he said he know it was comming but it would have upset congress to interfere or put the brakes on it.

    He made a tacit admission of guilt.
    The fraud extended from the banking corps to the head of the Federal Reserve.

    They are not being arrested but the tax payer is bailing out the criminals.

    Congress gave the voters no choice in the decision, the very least they can arrest those that admited criminal intent, and censure those that knew what was happening and did NOTHING, Allen Greenspan, this happened during your watch.
    History will brand you as the Federal Reserve Chairman that looked the other way
    during the biggest robbery in all of history.






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