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    Tuesday, February 10, 2009

    Taliban SURGE, and the plague

    Rusty over at my pet Jawa has an article about the Taliban and how to recognize them.
    UPDATE: How do you spot al-Qaeda? Floods! "The extremists who follow al Qaeda's religious beliefs think that pants must be at least six inches above the ground because there's a hadith [a saying of the Prophet Mohammed] that says clothes that touch the ground are a sign of pride and vanity," the expert said.

    Hat tip Stable hand.

    But it isn't a fashion statement or Religious dogma, its fear of the Plague,
    6" above the ground is their Idea of not giving the infected fleas a place to hide.
    Note they are all wearing socks or high boots, no cuffs.


    photograph of a unit from the Shadow Army operating in Pakistan's
    Taliban-controlled district of Swat.
    Jan 09.

    A look at the Shadow Army
    Excerpted from

    Al Qaeda's paramilitary 'Shadow Army'

    It shows what appears to be either a reinforced squad or two squads of foot soldiers. Fourteen fighters are in view, and others appear to be in the far background. All of the fighters are wearing masks, new clothes, sneakers, and web gear. One fighters is wearing a Camelbak. The weapons are uniform; six AK-47s and one RPG are in view.

    A look at the clothing of the fighters gives a good indication of the identity of the fighters, an expert on al Qaeda told The Long War Journal. The length of the pants of pictured fighters is described as being at "al Qaeda height" -- meaning only al Qaeda and allied "Wahhabi/Salafi-jihadis" wear their pant legs this high.


    The type of masks worn and the tennis shoes are also strong indicators that these fighters "are non-Afghan fighters," an expert on the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan said. "Those types of masks I have seen, and they are always on the Pakistani side of the border," the expert said. "The tennis shoes and socks are a big indicator that they are non-Afghan fighters, probably Pakistanis or Arab/Central Asian fighters."

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