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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Taliban and al Qaeda join cyber forces

    Taliban and al Qaeda join cyber forces
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Paradigm Intel , sources and data from BSU's indicate
    Taliban and al Qaeda webmasters have joined forces
    mostly due to attrition.
    Both have lost key webmasters, and the majority of
    terroist sites. There remain some key secret sites,
    where cadre congregate.Vetting on the Internet has
    some major obstacles, and remains
    one of their weakest links.

    Humint, moles remain very difficult to place and is a
    time consuming process. But is achievable.

    The terrorist media experts remain a valuable
    commodity, and are hard to recruit.
    Their most recent efforts are a far cry from their
    hayday of professional productions.
    They have been relegated to mostly audio tapes
    with still photographs. And their Info war has been off
    target and missing their key demographic.

    By combining their webmaster cyber workers it make
    them more vulnerable but still able to produce
    propaganda, even as they limp along.

    The WWW has become the Terrorist Achilles Heel.

    The most recent video about the new American
    president Big Z refers to the president as a house
    negro shows the influence of Adam Gadahn,
    and his racisist leanings.

    The most recent ad for big Z's video shows the
    pressure they are operating under. HERE.

    We have lines on most of the terrorist webmasters,
    and its just a matter of time before most of them are
    taken out.

    Some of the webmasters are considering switching
    sides because of al Qaeda's use of suicide bombers,
    and killing Moslems.
    And the Talibans resistance to peace talks with the
    current government.

    Key cyber players switching sides can play a big roll in
    stabilizing "STAN"

    USA wants al Qaeda, not the Taliban.
    And the Taliban are suffering the drone attacks
    because of al Qaeda.

    The Guest that wouldn't leave and treats the host
    as DOGS.

      Internet Anthropologist
      Tactical Internet Systems analyst

    Big Z not saying anything about the attack in
    India is disturbing.
    Paradigm Intel suggest another key player.
    Former ISI players.
    Someone wants to stir up trouble with India,
    The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence
    (also Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI) Paki Intel the Paki cia.
    some of the formert and current ISI would like to hold the
    Taliban in reserve as a secret army against India,
    they have used them before for this.
    Could this be a second front forming?

    Further Investigation will point the direction.
    Some one is trying to re-instate same paradigm now.
    Someone that could train and equipt two companys
    of infantry and provide funding and logistics in Secret.
    ISI has been after Taliban as of recent.G




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