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    Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Confusion. Water vs 50,000 volts

    Water boarding for 15 seconds, of some one who
    is an avowed terrorist, willing to kill US civilians
    is illegal and considered torture.

    But hitting a crying civilian laying on the
    ground with 50,000 volts with a tazer
    for 15 seconds is OK and legal?
    He refused to to sign the citation.
    That constitutes a misdemeanor offense.

    15 seconds of water = torture.
    15 seconds of 50,000 volts = OK?

    Given a choice I'd chose the water.
    I'm not a lawyer I only play one on on TV,
    But that ruling would seem to indicate
    one could zap a terrorist if he wouldn't come out of his cell.
    But not if he is standing in water?
    Have I got that right?

    Go figure.



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