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    Wednesday, October 22, 2008

    Observation: Process.

    ( sorry Google formating screwing up )

    Observation: Process.
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Oct 22, 08

    The world should not miss the commitment USA has to

    USA has been pursuing a process known as Globalization.

    Which is lowering the standards of living in the USA and raising
    standards of living elsewhere.

    In joining the Global market place, USA has to compete on wages
    and prices.
    American workers have to compete with workers in China,
    Walmart is the paradigm.
    And the average American runs the Paradigm.

    Americans want cheap prices without consideration for who
    produces the goods.
    USA is lowering its standards of living and shifting wealth over
    $40 billion in profits in China alone.
    My father was not competing with world labor, but enjoyed the
    highest blue colar wages in the world.
    BG, Before Globalization.

    Some criminals have gotten into the American economic
    system, thru 'sub-prime' paper,
    The scam is so large it threatens world markets, add to that the
    new record prices of recent oil, and the oil price increases alone
    will bring on a world recession. Now add oil prices to the Sub
    prime debacal and that is the makings of a big world recession.

    Note USA has not stolen the oil from Kuwiat, or Iraq, both still
    sell their oil thru OPEC, or prgged to OPEC prices. OPEC has
    shot its self in the foot, the OPEC nations will be hurt in this
    world depression.
    As prices and demand fall.

    Capitalism works best in a democracy.
    And global capitalism is self correcting, preserves peace and
    raises standards of living.

    My love afair with Global capitalism stems from a profit motive
    for social concepts. It will defeat the Russian mafia and
    American Lobbyist.

    I'm not taking about American capitalism, or Russian capitalism
    both are quite different, but draw from the same ecoomic
    system. Russian capitalism is rooted in a Mafia style capitalism.
    While USA is rooted in a lobbyist style system.

    There are problems in both systems.
    But the underlying model for both is capitalism.

    G. Capitalism doesn't want poor people, the poor don't buy
    many goods.
    G. Capitalism doesn't like war, it kills customers and workers.

    War between China and USA would ruin the Walmart paradigm,
    walmart doesn't want war.

    War destroys assets,

    Globalization looks at the worlds work force as the work force for
    G. capitalism, the worlds population as buyers, customers.

    It doesn't help sales figures when you kill your customers.

    That is the view of pure G. capitalism, with out an political over
    lay. Politics corrupts capitalism. Both in America and in Russia and
    in China.

    The Lobbyists in America have corupted the political system.
    The criminal element, Putin's Mifia has corrupted the political
    system in Russia and both political systems corrupted capitalism
    in both countries.

    Globalism is force of wealth re-distrabution based on value and
    the citizens choices.

    In the USA people chose to pay $4.00 for a gallon of gas,
    and $8.00 for a gallon for pepsi or coke or water..
    ( $1.00 per liter )

    The new criminal element in the USA has changed the customer
    paradigm from "the customer is always right
    ( we love the customer )
    to how hard can the customer be screwed, legally.
    ( usuary interest rates )
    Customers now are grist for the mill grind them up.
    Lobbyist have enabled this new criminal paradigm,
    changing the laws to redefine crime as legal.
    By legally bribing congressmen and women.
    To re-write bankruptcy laws so the criminal Credit card corps
    ( charging Interest rates that used to send the Mafia to prison, )
    can persue its usary victims to the Grave, attach wages for life.

    The power to make change lies with the workers and
    customers ( citizens ). Stop electing WHORES, force
    prosecutions of the Usuary Corp. criminals,
    Lobbyists and Congressmen.

    But the basic capitalism system ( un-corrupted ) wants
    fair pay for workers, ( customers )
    and happy customers,( workers ) higher production, more profits.

    Poor, unhealthy, uneducated people make for bad customers
    and workers. The old system tended to seperate customers and
    workers by national borders. Cheap labor in China, and wealthy
    customers in USA.

    Globalization tends to view the world as customer and worker.
    Wage Arbitrage still occurs, but its very nature is to balance the
    system. To equalize what ever is being arbitraged.

    USA is leading the world into Globalization even at its own

    Except for the American Indians USA has always given the
    defeated countrys back to their people with a democratic
    Government, and trusted its people.
    Japan, Germany, Iraq, Afghanstan. USA didn't make any of
    them the 51st state and steal all their natural resources,

    The world needs to reconize the sacrifices USA makes.

    The commitment to destroy those who kill civilians, women
    children bomb Mosques and market places.
    Even to the extent it threatens its own economy.

    USA screws up some, but it is not intentional.

    USA carpet bombed Germany and Japan during WWII, and has
    spent considerable resources to cut civilian deaths since..

    The world owes USA a debt for its leadership, even with the
    Lobbyest screwing things up.

    USA has always stepped up to fight EVIL/SATAN
    Hitler, Bin Laden etc.
    Not perfect but always there for support/fight.

    USA has been good for civilization, humanity,

    They are always trying even though they make mistakes.
    They have not given up.

    al Qaeda, Taliban, criminals in the sub-prime, and credit card
    debacal will not win.

    Eventually the world will be at realitive peace again and
    evil/satan will lose and its thanks to USA.


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