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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    NSA warrantless American self surveillance

    * Spy Agency Announces New Social Network Site
    NSA warrantless American self surveillance
    Move over Facebook and MySpace -- the NSA is now in the social
    networking business.

    This week, the NSA announced -- a social networking site
    developed by the NSA itself. will allow ordinary Americans
    to instantly share their private data with the government -- eliminating
    the NSA's reliance on cumbersome requirements such as warrants. allows users to upload personal data about who their
    friends are, what sites they visit, what books and newspapers they are
    reading, and where they live directly into a massive database controlled
    by the NSA. Messages sent though the site will be automatically copied
    -- without warrants -- to a secure room controlled by the NSA.
    Third party apps make it easy to tag your friends as "suspicious" or

    Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell hailed the site's
    potential. "Since Congress has so far failed to protect telecoms against
    lawsuits, wholesale domestic spying is more difficult than ever.
    SpySpace will give our agents the access they need to protect Americans
    in their homes -- all legally, and all without warrants or other

    SpySpace apologist Richard Esguerra expressed enthusiasm for the new
    site. "I think it's neat. I'm not doing anything wrong, so I don't have
    anything to hide. And if I can save the government the few seconds it
    takes to get a warrant, I'm helping my country fight evildoers."

    The use of social networking sites has exploded in recent years, with
    millions of people making private information public by uploading data
    about their social networks, consumption habits, and travel patterns.

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