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    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Talbi KNEW, Harry was there, not likely.

    TALIBAN fanatics knew Prince Harry was in Afghanistan and planned to capture and kill him, it was claimed last night.

    Commander Mullah Abdul Karim said he was told in December or early January that “an important chicken” had joined British troops.

    Karim, speaking from Helmand province where Harry was fighting, said: “He is our special enemy. Our first option was to capture him as a prisoner. The second, to kill him.”

    Karim claimed fanatics had reported possible sightings of Harry in their area on several occasions, but his fighters never got close enough.

    Harry’s tour of duty had been scheduled to last until April but it ended abruptly on Thursday after an American internet site revealed his whereabouts.

    Karim said: “He may be a Prince but he didn’t have a Prince’s heart. He proved as cruel and brutal as other British soldiers, bombing and shelling innocent Afghans and Taliban.”

    Karim’s claims will add to the debate over the usefulness of the British media’s news blackout over Harry’s deployment.

    Harry, 23, deployed to Helmand as a battlefield air controller (known as a JTAC) in December, was constantly shadowed by three SAS bodyguards.

    A team of Gurkhas from Nepal, who are notoriously fierce fighters, were also on hand when he went out on patrol.

    The SAS were with him when he touched down in Kandahar in December and watched over him for the next 10 weeks.


    Historical note: When I was on an expedition in Belize I had arrived in a small backwater,
    it only had a bar, inside there were 3 small brown guys setting with their backs to the wall.
    And 20 locals, staring at them???
    I asked if they were Naplese, Grukha and they said yes. I said they didn't look scary which brought smiles all around and asked where their knives were? They said they were not allowed
    to carry their knives unless on duty, Knowing their reputation for loyalty and honesty I bought them drinks and asked them to watch my gear, back pack and duffel bag, while I arranged transport. No one was going to touch my stuff while they were there.
    There had been a British officer kidnapped in the area that month.
    In Vietnam war, the Gurkha's were asked to jump from planes and they asked how high,
    and were told 5,000 feet. They requested to start at 500 feet for the first jump out of the plane.
    No one had told them there were parachutes involved. Brave little Bastards and fiercely loyal.




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