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    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Gadahn is ALIVE

    Gadahn IS ALIVE.

    From our sources.
    The little coward is in hiding, afraid, but alive.

    Damn, nice try though.
    Will post more after officials announce the miss.
    Zee kissed and kissed the boy toy.
    They were afraid they lost aQ next leader.

    I've been practicing my "Gadahn is DEAD" dance.
    Mostly elbows flying and jumpin around.

    Gadahn's notebook computer was found, at least one he set up.
    But he set up many note books for al Qaeda leadership.
    So you know the level of tech USA is dealing with.
    DNA has been tested, none of it his.
    Meanwhile, the Al-Qaeda Spokesman Ahmad Salman contradicted reports regarding killing of Ezzam Al-Americee in the recent missile attack at Khushhali Toorikhel near Mirali Town of North Waziristan Agency on January 29 last.
    The Spokesman said that Ezzam Al Americee is alive.
    anonymous source:




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