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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    FARC seeking dirty bomb.

    Even as Venezuela was rushing soldiers to its border with Colombia, the Colombians hurled one more incendiary charge: in Geneva, Uribe's vice-president, Francisco Santos, told the UN disarmament conference that captured FARC documents revealed the group was seeking to acquire uranium to build a radioactive "dirty bomb". According to Vice President Santos, on March 3, Colombia's national police submitted an initial report regarding the content of two computers found with Raul Reyes, second in command of FARC, who was killed on March 1. Santos said the computers contained "information from one commander to another indicating that FARC was apparently negotiating for radioactive material, the primary basis for generating dirty weapons of mass destruction and terrorism."

    Given the allegations that the captured FARC computers showd financial support to FARC from Chavez, and Chavez himself expressed sympathy and support for Reyes and his efforts, it would be hard to rule out, at this time, a Venezuelan role in any efforts by FARC to acquire nuclear material for a dirty bomb.

    While tensions between Venezuela and its neighbors rapidly escalate, any further information about alleged Venezuelan ties to terrorist groups, illicit financial activities, or a terrorist dirty bomb that may emerge can only add fat to an already bubbling fire.

    March 4, 2008 02:16 PM Link/MORE


    The Colombian response has been equally vehement. The country's government says documents recovered from a laptop belonging to Reyes showed the Chávez government gave the rebel group - which the US and EU consider to be a terrorist organisation - $300m (£150m) in funding.

    Such support for Farc meant Chávez should be tried by the international criminal court, Uribe said today.





    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ``I'll present charges to the International Criminal Court against Hugo Chavez for financing and sponsoring genocide,'' Uribe said on Caracol Radio today.

    documents from the laptop disclose FARC had been offered the opportunity to buy as much as 50 kilos of uranium at $2.5 million per kilo by an unnamed arms dealer.

    7:03 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    15 documents released Tuesday by Colombian police

    There was no independent verification of the documents although Colombia has said it would allow experts from the Organization of American States to examine the computers involved.

    ''Another of the themes is the one on uranium,'' says a Feb. 16 note from someone identified only as Edgar Tovar

    ''There's a man who supplies me with material for the explosive we prepare, and his name is Belisario and he lives in Bogotá,'' the note reads. ``He sent me the samples and the specifications and they are proposing to sell each kilo for two and a half million dollars, and that they supply and we look for someone to sell to, and that the deal should be with a government that can buy a huge amount. They have 50 kilos ready and can sell much more.''

    "About the uranium, there's a man who supplies me with the material for the explosive we are preparing," a person named Edgar Tovar wrote to Reyes in a memo dated February 16.

    9:38 PM  

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