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    Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    Taleban by Patki ?

    Pakistan 'the architect'

    The circumstances of the Taleban's emergence remained the centre of controversial debate.

    Despite repeated denials, Pakistan is seen as the architect of the Taleban enterprise.

    Bomb damage in Kandahar
    Wreckage from a recent attack in Kandahar blamed on the Taleban

    Suspicions arose early on when the Taleban went to the rescue of a Pakistani convoy stranded in Kandahar following attacks and looting by rival mujahideen groups.

    Many of the Afghans who joined the Taleban were educated in madrassas (religious schools) in Pakistan.

    Pakistan was also one of only three countries, along with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which recognised the Taleban regime.

    It was also the last country to break diplomatic ties with the Taleban.

    The US put Pakistan under pressure to do so after the 11 September, 2001, attacks in New York and Washington.

    Pashtun sympathies

    The Taleban were overwhelmingly Pashtun, the ethnic group that forms the majority of Afghanistan's diverse population and also inhabits the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and Balochistan in neighbouring Pakistan.

    Even now, the resurgent Taleban draw considerable sympathy from fellow Pashtuns in Pakistan.

    Some of their fugitive leaders are able to find refuge across the long and porous border in NWFP and Balochistan.

    Once in power, the Taleban set up an authoritarian administration that tolerated no opposition to their hardline policies.

    Differences on strategy and Mullah Omar's authoritarian style have prompted some Taleban to quit the movement or become inactive
    Islamic punishments, such as public executions of convicted murderers and amputations of those charged with thefts, were introduced.

    Television, music and cinema were banned after being adjudged as frivolities.

    Girls aged 10 and above were forbidden from going to school - working women were ordered to stay at home.

    Men were required to grow beards and women had to wear the burqa.

    The Taleban's religious police earned notoriety as they tried to implement these restrictions.

    Taleban policies, particularly those concerning human and women's rights, also brought them into conflict with the international community.

    Bin Laden and al-Qaeda

    But what was to bring much greater conflict was the Taleban's role as host to Osama Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda movement.

    MORE: source BBC


    So USA is paying a billion a year to Patki to help fight the terrorist...

    Defeat of the terrorists means good bye a Billion Dollars.

    And Patki won't go after al Qaeda, Talbi in some parts of Pakistan, and won't allow USA to go there either.

    Am I seeing a light?



    Remember the first article above?

    Read this..

    NATO Forces Begin New Operation in Afghanistan

    LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan, 20 September 2007 β€” British-led forces launched a major operation in southern Afghanistan yesterday, aiming to clear Taleban insurgents from a valley in Helmand β€” the most violent province in the country. Some 2,500 troops from the NATO-led force began the operation yesterday morning with infantry backed by Warrior armored vehicles, guided rocket systems, attack helicopters and fighter jets, a spokesman for the British forces in Helmand said...

    β€œThe purpose of the operation is to continue to remove the Taleban from the area north of Gereshk, to set the conditions whereby the people who live there can start to enjoy security and the government ... can begin to apply governance and development,” Lt. Col. Richard Eaton said.

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