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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    al Qaeda getting the HELL kicked out of it...

    هزيمة للقاعدة
    ......However, what happened in Anbar and the clashes in north Lebanon`s Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp, where the Lebanese army engaged in ferocious fighting over three months with members of an al-Qaida-backed militia called Fatah al-Islam, defeating them and killing their leader in the process, are major benchmarks in the ongoing war against terrorism.

    As in Iraq were the Sunnis demonstrated not only their ability to turn against al-Qaida, but to defeat them in battle, so too, has the Lebanese army shown that al-Qaida was far from invincible. In three months of severe clashes involving artillery duels, the Lebanese army suffered close to 200 casualties -- a huge number given the size of the Lebanese armed forces. But the determination of the Lebanese army showed that the answer to the infiltration of al-Qaida in Arab countries is to engage local forces in the battle, rather than foreign troops.

    The crushing defeat suffered by al-Qaida in Anbar and in north Lebanon is not to be underestimated. The terrorist organization will fight back in any way it can. They will conduct targeted assassinations of those who dared to oppose them, as they did in Iraq last week when they killed a prominent Sunni sheik who dared to defy them by publicly announcing his alliance to U.S. forces.

    Yet what we are seeing with the opposition to al-Qaida`s interference in domestic affairs by the Iraqis and the Lebanese is highly significant.

    This in fact marks the third major setback suffered by Osama bin Laden`s terrorist outfit in the Arab world. Their first defeat came in Saudi Arabia when Saudi forces, following an initial setback, were able to retake the upper hand, defeating, capturing or killing a number of cells operating in the desert kingdom. The second and third defeats came back-to-back with the victory of the Lebanese army over Fatah al-Islam and the routing of the Islamists from Anbar province.
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    (Claude Salhani is editor of the Middle East Times.)


    AQ most recent videos have been commercials for suicide bombers, and recruits. They are hurting. Islam turns against them. and they must use Rewards and hope operations happen, desperate situation.



    September 17, 2007

    Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's emir kicked out

    By Olivier Guitta

    As The Croissant just reported citing 2 reports in the Algerian press, Abdelmalek Droudkel, aka Abu Mussab, was allegedly kicked out of his position of emir of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) by his peers.
    I had mentioned on this site the dissension inside the ranks of AQIM since the ex GSPC changed his name in January and pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda. In fact after the triple suicide bombings in Algiers on 4/11, many AQIM members did not approve of the use of suicide bombings targeting civilians.
    To go on a limb, this news could mean the death of AQIM per se and a return of the ex GSPC to a more guerilla style terrorism approach.

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