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    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Kalash funeral, an expensive affair

    Kalash funeral, an expensive affair

    CHITRAL, 09 Sep 07: The Kafir Kalash tribe of the Hindu kush surviving in the three tiny valleys of Chitral District are a real remnant of the Pagan societies of yonder days. Everything about them including their way of living and dying are categorically different.

    The death of the wife of Kalash elder Bahram sha, a member of the Chitral District council witnessed Kalash children the traditional way of the Kalash observing (celebrating) occasions of death. 8 Bullocks, 22 sheep, 30 large canisters of Cheese besides maunds of flour, rice and other edibles were consumed during the death celebration, which included dancing in chorus and chanting the virtues of the deceased besides feasting on the occasion. Kalash from all the three valleys had gathered for the rites.

    The Kalash is an endangered entity and the Kalash people are flowers in the Bouquet of Chitral, needed to be protected and their culture preserved. (Chitral News report)

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