Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Taliban commander Qari Hussain Ahmad in LAHORE

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    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Taliban commander Qari Hussain Ahmad in LAHORE

    Taliban commander planning suicide attack in Lahore?

    LAHORE: Police officials have received information about possible suicide bomb attacks by the religious fundamentalists and have issued directions to deal with the threat.

    Police sources said that Taliban commander Qari Hussain Ahmad is reported to be present in Lahore. The areas of Badamibagh, Shafiqabad, Misri Shah, Shahdra Town, Shadbagh, Ravi Road and Lorry Adda had been identified as possible hideouts for miscreants. The security forces at Allama Iqbal International Airport had also been put on high alert as intelligence reports have reported a suicide bomb threat at the airport. The airport officials said that all flights would remain on schedule.

    Sources said that police and other intelligence agencies had been on the lookout for any terrorist activity for the last few weeks. Based on intelligence reports, special directions had been issued and specially trained officials had been directed to gather information data about any terrorist activity.

    Senior Police officials have issued directions to Town Police Officer (TPO) Ravi Road in this regard. Sources said that police and intelligence agencies had deployed intelligence and operational personnel in sensitive areas. These officials are ready for conducting any type of operation against the militants.

    Sources said that in order to maintain the law and order situation surety bonds had been signed from different religious leaders in Lahore and other cities. The Allama Iqbal Town TPO had taken a surety bond of 100,000 rupees from religious activist Ali Sher Haidery and put the activist under constant surveillance.

    Sources said that that city police department had received information about terrorist activity against law enforcement agencies. To counter any such activity, law enforcement agencies have deployed security personnel at all installations and law enforcement buildings. This security is also extended to all other gatherings that law enforcement officials might be at. shahnawaz khan


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