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    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Ahmadinejad To Visit WTC Site Despite Official Refusal

    From Jawa

    Ahmadinejad To Visit WTC Site Despite Official Refusal - UPDATED

    Action Alert - Please Read and Re-Post

    Prompted by the following action alert from GDG contributor Kenneth Timmerman, I discovered that Iranian president Ahmadinejad still plans to visit 'ground zero', despite the NYPD's refusal to allow it for "security reasons".

    In response to this outrage, many have begun organizing to repel or protest this incursion into one of America's most hallowed memorials. Please read the following action alert, and participate if you are able:

    Dear Friends of Freedom,

    The Foundation for Democracy in Iran, in coordination with Citizens United and other groups, is calling on all Americans, regardless of their origin or political beliefs, to come to New York on Monday to defend Ground Zero from desecration by the terrorist president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    We will be chartering buses from the Washington, DC area. Please watch our website,, for more details and for rendezvous points.

    Stay tuned!

    Best regards,

    Kenneth R. Timmerman
    President and CEO
    Foundation for Democracy in Iran

    For more information about this, please visit Michelle Malkin's blog.
    (hat tip - Howie)


    Updated/ bumped by Howie. McCain says Ahmadinejad should be physically restrained from getting to the WTC site. McCain is joking. But seriously, Ahmadinejad should be blocked. Allahpundit has the video.

    I was curious what had prompted this second action alert, after receiving word last night that the visit was a "no go". Mr. Timmerman was kind enough to clarify:

    Yes, what happened is this. Two hours after our initial email blast, Mayor Bloomberg’s office was inundated with phone calls, and independently of us, Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton issued scathing statements condemning a visit to the WTC memorial site. That led the NYPD and Bloomberg’s office to issue their “retraction” saying that Police commissioner Kelly spoke with “outdated information.”

    But that was merely Act II.

    Act III began this morning, when the Iranians announced their intention to visit the WTC site regardless of no police protection. Ahmadinejad won’t be able to lay a wreath at the memorial, but he will be able to go downtown to the WTC site for a photo op.

    So that’s what we are trying to prevent.

    All best,

    We’ll be posting updates as we receive them at

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