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    Thursday, September 20, 2007

    The END OF AL QAEDA: Error in the Al Qaeda paradigm,

    There is al Qaeda
    and there is

    As-Sahab is not al Qaeda, it is the media arm of AQ.

    As-Sahab is spin control for AQ,

    ( The world views as-sahab as if it were REAL, it is not.
    it is virtual, !!! )

    As-Sahab is doing a remarkable media job.
    But they are loosing their demographic.
    They are command and control, recently in command and control of zip, nada, nothing.
    They have been begging for terror strikes and all have failed,
    they go begging for suicide bombers but Islam has answered
    their call to satan.
    And Muslims world wide are rejecting al Qaeda. Imans against AQ.

    Al qaeda doesn't have the cadre to pull off the operations as-Sahab calls for.

    In the few cases of homegrown terror As-Sahab called for
    were utter disasters with out trained cadre to teach the would be suicide bombers.

    Al Qaeda Suicide bombers 50% of the time only kill themselves.

    From Captians Quarters:

    The timing of this release gives an indication of AQ's intent. By this time, their cells should have carried out at least three attacks, one each in Denmark, Germany, and Turkey, after Osama bin Laden's message from two weeks ago. The German cell had a deadline of September 15th, and one could presume that the others had similar instructions. This video was meant to be seen after three successful attacks across Europe and Asia, behind enemy lines for AQ.


    Miserable failures: AQ is almost Impotent outside Iraq.
    And inside Iraq it is a "virtual Group" iai that is under fire and on the run.


    From Rusty: September 18, 2007
    Former al Qaeda "Capital" Now Safest Place in Iraq

    What a difference a year makes. Totten:

    In early 2007 Ramadi, the capital of Iraq’s Anbar Province, was one of the most violent war-torn cities on Earth. By late spring it was the safest major city in Iraq outside Kurdistan.
    Read the rest. Remember, this is the same city that al Qaeda in Iraq declared as its capital for the Islamic State of Iraq.


    So al Qaeda has turned to the Talaban in hope of some success and a lift in AQ moral.
    "Urgent, al-Qaida declares war on the tyrant Pervez Musharraf and his apostate army, in the words of Osama bin Laden," it read.

    But the Talaban has not yet figured out how they have been used by al Qaeda.
    al Qaeda suckered Talaban into a fight with the USA army and the Talaban lost Afghan and have been on the run ever since. Talaban has partnered with Satan.

    Gaddahn: The new al Qaeda leader?
    Hell al Qaeda can't even run their own Jihad,
    they have an American do that for them..


    Communications by Douglas Fahar

    Perhaps one of the most successful achievements of the old guard al Qaeda, besides staying alive, is the vast expansion of its propaganda outreach arm.

    Not only are the videos and tapes coming fast and furious, but in multiple languages aiming at a wide variety of audiences.

    This indicates a level of sophistication and and stability that is both deeply alarming and indicative of how secure the group feels. The videos, with different scenes, subtitles, translations and rapid turnaround time (indicated by the references to recent events) shows that the old guard al Qaeda is dedicating significant resources to the propaganda/outreach wing and has a desire to retain a place of preeminence within the jihadi world.


    As AQ looses on the battle fields of the world they consolidate in the only arena left to them: the world wide web, the Internet.

    Al Qaeda hypothesis is flawed based in Islam. Their hypothis involves Muslim killing Muslim, women, children and bombing Mosques and market places. Those groups who reject them are murdered.
    And the Ummah is recognizing this and rejecting AQ all across Islam.

    al Qaeda is on its last leg as evidenced by lack of attacks and the flurry of desperate videos begging for suicide bombers.

    al Qaeda's reputation is catching up with them in the world of Islam and AQ is being rejected.

    Islam has urged al Qaeda to repent


    Kevin Poulsen, beware. The National Security Agency is coming after you. Or at least your hacker descendants. Fresh from their utter and complete victory over Islamic terrorists, the Ft. Meade gang is turning its attention to a new set of foes, Siobhan Gorman reports for the Baltimore Sun.


    Fort Meade gang is going after as-sahab, recently they shut down all the terrorist sites until they could review the latest video release before anyone else could. Ft. Meade has penetrated as-Sahab and all major forums. According to our count they have taken out 5 jahidist web masters.

    AQ is failing on all fronts, they are impotent, and face their demise with a flurry of activity that signifies an desperate attempt to turn the Ummah's rejection of AQ.

    Islam will take out al Qaeda, it is under way, AQ is counting its days.

    USA winning, is way ahead of al Qaeda.


    post Script:

    as-sabah up loaded this video to 830 places on the web, so they must think its important, and shows how desperate they are.

    But it is a bad/tricky password to get it to work, peter principle.

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