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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    al Qeda attacks in USA today 911.07

    Looks like Mypetjawa is down.

    This is for Rusty:

    Here is a cache view of Mypetjawa as of yesterday.

    Suspect dos attack?

    Rusty at mypetjawa has been working for months taking down Terrorist web sites,
    his most recent post on the was:

    Need Help: Al Qaeda Website Wants You to Take Them Down (UPDATED: PWNED!!)

    Updated by Howie: World News Network is now completely off-line. and are both dead. Thanks to Jawa readers for all the help in taking them down.


    The GIMF is best known for releasing terrorist training and beheading video’s and propaganda to the Internet at large, it is a well known and very effective tool for Al-Qaeda. The editor made very little effort to disguise his involvement with the GIMF after he was recruited by a GIMF operative during the GIMF’s recruitment drive back in June of 2007 (more at the Jawa Report). He was very open in his support of Al-Qeada and regularly re-posted “news” releases for the GIMF on his blog. It was only when his website was recently mentioned on national television as an Al-Qaeda resource did he panic and delete the website himself in an effort hide his involvement. It’s really too late for that, his site, and it’s visitors, have been under scrutiny by a multitude of analysts for quite some time. Even though he “deleted” the blog from Wordpress.coms servers it has been archived and a good portion is still available at the Internet Archives “Wayback Machine” as well. source blackflag

    Lets hope this is the only al qaeda attack today.

    Some of our work:
    Our Intel indicates it is the old group, they went underground with a secret web site,
    which we monitor, we burned their head hacker good, see below.
    Where jahidists head hacker lives: Syria. and his IP.

    "CYBER ALERT" Islamofascist head Hacker Burned
    The head Jihadist hacker.
    The IP address was pulled even though he was using
    a high Proxy, no protection... was the Jahidist Denial of Service attack force.
    They are off line now but sources indicate they are regrouping.

    The creator of the site wants to use the name Adil W., He is a big fan of Younis Tsouli,
    aka Irhaby007, the first Al qaeda hacker, now in prison.
    Adil Watanmal, Taliban

    Adil W, email is

    He has been using Steganography,
    This is by the author of "Silver Jihad" a program Internet hackers used to run DOS attacks on servers, web sites.

    He is operating out of Syria, Map of Latitude: 35Longitude: 38
    Nearest cities, Khirbat Isriyah to the north
    and As Sukhnah to the West.

    This info was developed by our CI section.

    We will be posting More of these "CYBER ALERTS" in the future.

    (734) 619-0424
    We ARE user friendly.
    Or use the "tip" form in the side bar.

    breaking: Jawa says their server went down.


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    Blogger Howie said...

    Thanks, we'll be sure to send him some email as soon as Pixi wakes up and fixes this.

    9:25 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    If you run across any code samples in your travels please email me a link and I'll do a bit of behavior analysis.

    10:25 PM  

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