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    Saturday, April 28, 2007


    and here:porno وAnd this cached page: One of our bots found it.

    Some porno connection I think:

    Je t'aime1 watch participants ask more clarification because I'm not understand how to attack and the results obtained etc. how the attack was that the member / struggling program downloads from the site. For the site to be destroyed, it appears in bare automatically and it will be signed by the Department. As for the results of this attack, the Administration put the results in this place, so members know. I hope that I have raised you say you and the Islam and God's mercy and blessings _______________________________________— proved you do not read and deport....
    Enter the conversation will only in times of attack-formal important observations-1-please members not write quickly and only when necessary 2-conversation divided into rooms can accommodate every one of 20 members so as not to burden Members of pregnancy when 3-not each member to enter the conversation that number does not reflect inside never the number of attackers, at least we attack the attackers as a statistical program through the site 150 assailant, but the conversation did not exceed 50. Note : If not catch a joint list in conjunction jihad oath page ready to attack : 1 - Download main program used in the attack, and the operation to make sure it works well. Important Note : If this program that the virus do not worry, Qum and supports Balsmahazeh attack Islam and Muslims.....

    Magda forums> public forums> Public Forum> now join jihad mail :

    مشاهدة نسخة كاملة : الآن : الالتحاق بالجهاد الإلكترونيWatch the complete copy now : enrollment Jihad mail : اشرف.Ashraf.
    12 -08 -2006, 01:47 PM12-08-2006, 1:47 PM بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمThe name of God the Merciful مجموعة الجهاد الإلكترونيJihad Group


    This maybe an entirely different "", but:

    A complete copy of the program : how do much to modify the same file exe designed Alvijoal Bezeq-Please answer برمجة - شبكات - كمبيوتر - منتديات الفريق العربي للبرمجة > منتديات لغات البرمجة العام > منتدى مبرمجي لغة Microsoft Visual BasicProgrammable computer networks - - - forums Arab Team for programming> forums programming languages General> Forum Programmers Microsoft Visual Basic language الفتاكDeadly
    Apr 24 2002, 12:13 AMAt times very 24 2002, 12:13 AM السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهPeace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings إخواني العنون مختصر لذا صعب فهمهFellow above heading brief therefore difficult to understand كيف أقوم بعديل كود ملف exe حسب رغبتي بحيث أن الملف مصمم بلغه الفيجوال نفسهاHow do Badel exe file code according to our desire, so that the file is determined the same language Alvijoal وأرغب بتعديل جزء بسيط منه عن طريق برنامج آخرAnd I want to amend a fraction of it through


    Tracked, penetrated, Burned


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