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    Saturday, April 28, 2007

    UPDATE: "Jihad Silver" hack

    Paradigm Intel Report:

    USA's cyber forces strapped, running 24 hours a day, and 6 and a half days a week, work only the richest targets, huge backlog of hacking targets go waiting.

    Hacked Server data combed by software awaits reading, backlog.

    Huge farm of Bot nets.

    Sections that download targeted computers with rootkits,
    and cross reference a "c" drives of archarived uploaded hacked c: drives
    ( super computer ).

    Copies of WWW archived twice a day.
    Super computer allows linear travel with in daily archives.

    Manhattan type project huge budget all in BLACK.

    TEAMS crashing servers real time on demand.

    Who is running this?
    ( The Internet was originally developed by DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.)

    Douglas Maughan, an official with the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology Directorate

    Jim Christy,
    THE DEFENSE Cyber Crime Center, or DC3, occupies a low unmarked brick building just off Highway 295, the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

    Michael W. Wynne, Air Force Secretary and
    Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff, announced a plan to form a new Cyber Command to be established by Lt. Gen. Robert J. Elder Jr., head of 8th Air Force. Its purpose: Organize, train, and equip forces for cyber-war.

    Marine Brig. Gen. John Davis, who heads a military command located at the National Security Agency. "You should not let them operate uncontested" on the Internet and elsewhere in cyberspace, The command was established to develop ways to attack computer networks.
    Davis and other officials declined to say whether the military has actually attacked any networks, which would require presidential authorization. The techniques are highly classified.

    The CIA:

    And NSA,

    A civilian corporate IT defense Supervisor told me of some amazing work they did on "Jihad Silver" program. But I that is all he will let me tell you for right now.


    I have one source, should have 2nd source with NAMES, SOON.
    Updated original story also

    On 4/28/07, XXXXXX wrote:Private sector Sources have seen an exploit within the Hackers DOS programs allowing an authority to monitor and track the wanabe Jihadist hackers back to their nest right around their proxys.

    While the flaw doesn't allow access to root, it has lead to a collection of VERY interesting IP addresses,

    In the silver dos program the login authentication routine for the program does not properly sanitize entered information or the credentials that are transmitted, opening the MySQL database and PHP scripts to compromise, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    in turn putting all login data and ongoing user xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx activity that the database stores opening it to the authority. Also the transmission of login data is not properly encoded or encrypted and someone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx using the proper packet sniffer captured login packets and stole and recorded the users login data.

    This means that an "authority" has captured this data and they have isolated the true location and have a record of them logging in and engaging in "terrorist activities".

    There is a fake email associated with this, which they are back tracking.

    A privacy vulnerability exists in the applications interaction xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the Windows firewall and how it authorizes itself for use. One of the methods is xxxxxxxxxxxx value to the ProxyEnable key in the registry xxxxxxxxxxx. If you are using a proxy for any purpose but especially for anonymity, the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of this registry key will temporally disable your proxy and leave your raw IP visible.

    The ones that track back to Internet cafes, the security cams, available on the Internet are used to collect photos of the "terrorist hackers"

    The IP's have been collected and processed. Their is nothing the terrorists can do but wait for the knock.

    After analyzing that program and data someone worked with two pro-Muslim, Christian sites and just recently worked with the Radio Vatican site informing them of impending attacks and who and where the attackers are..

    .They monitor their program and activities then proactively notify and work with target sites to mitigate any potential outages and loss. Eventually they will take down the program distributors and users, PRISON or worse.

    The wanabe jihadist have exposed their entire network, IPs, passwords, Emails, even some photos. Just a matter of time. Nice work fascists hackers.

    They know about the exploit which is why membership is currently almost dead, and they go begging.

    turning the Snort 2.6.1 DCE/RPC flaw into a working exploit.

    more Breaking.


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