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    Saturday, April 13, 2013

    What does NK see in USA, Obama?

    I voted for Obama and like the guy, worked hard
    against the #GOP and want to believe in him.

    He has done things I don't understand or
    agree with. Violating Constitutional protections against illegal arrest.

    But on the N Korea question there are two paradigms.

    One if he knows N Korea doesn't have a nuke,
    then he is playing it like a chess master, which I'm
    not going to explore as the end game is remarkable.

    And the other which is not courageous.

    N Korea's view of the US is that of a paper Tiger/

    Starting with N Korea's axe murders of two US
    troops in 1976.

    And acts of war since then, dozens of them.

    Without any Mil response, they keep exploring the envelop
    to see just how far they can push America and this time
    Obama. So far nothing they have done, mass murders.
    killing US troops, seizing US ships or even torpedoing
    a ship in the open sea has ever elicited any Mil. response.

    Now they say they are at open war with S Korea
    and will go to nuclear war with Japan and USA any day now.

    Little wonder why N Korea is so belligerent, they can't
    find the edge of the envelope. They don't know any limits.

    Kimmy threatens nuclear war with USA and Obama
    cancels Mil drills with S. Korea, and cancels US interceptor
    missile tests.

    Kimmy pushes and Obama backs down.
    How is N Korea to interrupt that?

    DIA says N Korea may have nuclear missiles.

    IATT doesn't think they have even nukes.
    Nuclear gasses missing from every underground test.

    But if we are wrong and DIA is right and they have married
    a nuke to a missile, then any successful launch of this devise 
    automatically gives them membership to the nuclear club.
    Even if its just a launch to the middle of ocean.

    If US thinks this is a possibility then they should shoot
    it down to preclude a definitive successful demonstration of

    Kerry confuses me, just making noises and fake assurances.

    Maybe just trying to calm the gullible public.

    The only successful paradigm which ends N. Korea's
    and Iran's nuclear quest has to involve a Mil strike.
    Iran strike starts with cyber war.

    Short of Mil engagement Obama has approved
    N Korea and Iran's membership to the nuke club.
    And is just going thru the motions for show.

    China isn't doing anything to seriously slow
    N Korea, and won't.

    So it is up to USA to stop N Korea, and so far their
    whining hasn't done it.

    We should see the proof in the pudding Monday
    or Tuesday.

    If N Korea launches missile, and US etal don't
    shot it down and its a failure, then nothing has changed.

    If N Korea launches a missile its not shot down and
    just splashes down, N Korea is on the march to
    the nuclear club.

    If N Korea launches a successful Nuclear missile
    and achieves nuclear detonation N Korea & Iran
    just became members of the Nuclear club, all
    bow down.

    If N Korea launches Nuke Missile and US shoots it
    down it restarts the Korean war, which might not be a
    bad thing. I look at this paradigm here;
    And would send very clear message to Iran.

    And the reasons Kin Jong Un will go to war are here;
    Inbreeding of propaganda.

    But does Obama have the Balls to go to war?
    Does he have the intestinal fortitude to pull the trigger?
    I make the case both ways here.
    So far American policy towards N Korea has been
    an epic fail, they have a nuke according to DIA.

    Diplomacy is only effective if backed by willing
    Military so far lacking in the case of N Korea,
    current policy involves bribes for bad behavior.

    I think Obama has successful Paradigm for defeating Iran.
    Bleeding its banks first.

    Followed by Air Force strike. 20,000 targets in 24 hrs.
    Day one strike on Iran.

    But Obama could be a lame duck President lacking
    the will to pull the trigger, plunging our Grandchildren
    into an world where nukes have proliferated into
    the far and middle East exposing millions to
    brutal nuclear conflagration.

    And blocking off much more of the world like Chernobyl is.

    Much of this will unfold in the next few days,

    Internet Anthropologist


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