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    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Driving me Nutz

    I've got to quit running stuff through the Paradigm Engine.

    To keep the US economy afloat:

    Fed reserve became the biggest buyer in the
    world of US treasuries/debt, to keep interest rates low.
    An increase in interest rates for US debt would be very
    hard on the economy especially during a recession/depression.
    In effect the Gov left hand buying US debt from the Govs Right
    hand. And that doesn't seem to bother anyone.

    So the Bernanke invented QE2.

    But S&P lowering the US debt from AAA to AA,
    Is a very serious matter, the expectation is:
    that since US debt rating was lowered, the US
    would have to PAY higher interest rates for the
    higher risk.

    Instead the stock markets CRASHED, scaring hell
    out of everyone, but the net effect was to drive money
    out of the Stock Markets into US treasuries/debt as
    a safer alternative. And in such volumes that interest
    rates have come down.

    The Paradigm Intel engine didn't like it.
    Suggest it wasn't an accident.
    And that scares hell out of me.
    Right now the US Government is paying 2%
    to borrow money for 10 yrs.

    The hypothesis is there was a controlling hand
    a plan behind the move to keep interest rates down.
    And right now it looks like the Wall St banks.
    And they made Trillions shorting the market.

    I can't tell yet if the law of unintended consensuses
    applies. If Wall St Banks pulled the switches, trading on
    insider information and the
    markets crashed in order to make another illegal few
    Trillion$$$ but the effect was keeping the Interest rates
    down was unintended.

    The Wall St Banks next move will be to short bonds
    just before the interest rates go up, which will drive
    Bond principal down, and the public will get burned
    again like they did in the Stock Markets. and Wall St
    Banks will make illegal Trillions $$$ AGAIN.

    And the US Government, Congress, Dept of Justice, SEC
    and FBI continues to look the other way as the Wall St Banks
    continue to screw America time and time again.

    I'm getting sore from all the screwing and the Wall
    St Banks never kiss me. i LIKE TO BE KISSED WHEN

    And you know the GOP is going to try and screw Obama
    and the rest of America in the Super Committee. Just like
    they did on raising the Debt ceiling.

    And some political IDIOTS, RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT
    They just don't understand that would be like voting for
    the US NOT TO PAY ITS BILLS, Voting to default on
    US debt, that would end the US dollar as the worlds
    reserve currency and crash the entire US economy,
    And the GOP wants to keep the $700 billion tax cuts
    for billionaires and cut Social Security and medicare,
    to make up the difference, WTF.

    Series 3 & 7



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The feds are printing money and buying back bonds. But they are using middlemen to purchase the bonds. IIRC Goldman Sachs, one of Obama's top contributors are one of those middlemen.

    An important question is what will the fed do with the bonds they hold and the effect of that decision on the value of the dollar?


    The Super Committee is stacked in the Democrat's favor. If they fail to reach a deal, 50% of the cuts come from the military just what the Democrats want.

    Remember all they are trying to do is cut about $1,000b over ten years. Think about that. It is $100b ($200b combined with the cuts in the last deal) out of a yearly budget which is now $3,700b.

    That is not even a drop in the budget bucket much less the deficit which is at least $1.400b this year.

    Just pretend the GOP caved in and went with tax increases of $100b a year. Then what? With the cuts and tax increases that would only be $300b a year which still leaves a deficit over $1,000b.

    It is a mathematical impossibility to tax our way out of this problem.

    Considering the nasty language used by the Democrats over such modest cuts it is hard to imagine how much worse it would get when real cuts have to be made.

    After you have called your political opponents terrorists, american taliban, hostage takers, ect and accused them of wanting to kill grandma, starve children, destroy the planet, fire all the teachers and firemen, and stop repairing roads where do you go rhetorically?

    6:24 PM  

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