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    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    #Pakistan's ISI paradigm reveals them corrupt to the TOP

    Paradigm intel on ISI reveals it as corrupt
    to the top.
    The Paki Navy has admitted they have been
    infiltrated by terrorist and are investigating.
    The Navy has said some of the attacks have
    had inside info, and they have even caught
    some of their own working for the Terrorist.

    ISI actions expose intentions and internal
    ISI is having none of this infiltration talk.
    Because an investigation of ISI would reveal
    TTP and other connections to the top
    of ISI, and in contravention of the civilian
    Government which makes some of the actions
    of ISI treason. Mumbai, OBL.

    Even the Military fears the ISI some, its not
    the military that is running the "defense in depth"
    where Pakistan admits using Taliban etal as an
    auxiliary force multiplier, its is ISI that does
    the operations.

    It is the ISI that maintains contacts and support
    with terrorist elements that end up killing Paki Military.

    ISI has a history of intimidating the Civilian Government.
    Putting those that get in their way of running Pakistan in
    Prison. Or even false criminal charges, Pakistan history is repentant
    with examples of ISI removing politicians. Sedition.

    IS  Gov afraid to investigate ISI connections to TTP, 
    Mumbai, OBL hide out, yes. ISI may put them in prison.

    The terrorist are a narcotic for ISI, slowly killing Pakistan
    and the ISI is unable to quit this proxy force, as an alternate
    method for effecting changes.

    To be sure the ISI leadership did not have specific personal
    knowledge of OBL hide out, to be sure some ISI Colonel was
    attached to run OBL protections and manage details, and
    Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha knew ISI was providing OBL shelter
    but absolutely no details.

    Has Atiya Abdul Rahman, al qaeda's man ever talked to "Colonel Mohammad Arif",
    recently died, in strange accident, body lost. 

    Now Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha finds himself in 
    the position of blackmailee, 
    As TTP can expose ISI hand in protecting OBL.
    ISI is between a hard spot and a rock.
    More here:

    ISI has the connections and knows the locations
    to effectively wrap up most of Pakistan's terrorist,
    but unable to act as they will be exposed as co-enablers
    of terrorism and unwilling to act as they are addicted to
    the terrorist connection and power.

    ISI leaks Intel like a an open pipe.
    And the US was right on cutting them out
    of the loop on the OBL operation. 

    This is an open secret to Intelligence
    agencys in Russia,China, India, Europe 
    and USA. ISI is like dealing with a smelly neighbor,
    you hold your nose grin and bare it.

     Defence Com.Cab (DCC) ordered to utilise`all means`
    eliminate terrorists & sanctuaries in Paki 
    And ISI, closes 3 US Intel fusion cells.

    CLINTON, Admiral Mullen Had very extensive, open, frank,& constructive discussion with Paki leadership, as a result ISI shut down 3 US Intel Fusion cells tracking Paki TTP terrorists.

    Many Pakis are asking the question "if there should be an investigation
    into OBL 35 miles from the capital."  Note there hasn't been an
    investigation, That they would even ask this question boggles the
    mind and shows ISI influence on Gov. ISI does not want an Investigation,
    unless they do it.

    Can the ISI be striped and rebuilt?
    The ISI serves at the pleasure of the Military,
    The Navy is doing its own investigation on the
    TTP attack on its Naval base in Karachi,
    and the Navy has taken a page from the US
    playbook, ISI isn't privy to the Navy investigation
    and the Navy investigation has resulted in 6 arrests so far.
    While the ISI with all its insider connections
    has made ZERO arrests. 

    The rest of Pakistan Military are now paying heavily
    in wave after wave of attacks for ISI failure on the OBL
    protection contract, which the Military probably didn't 
    know anything about.

    Now the Navy, Military suffer heavy losses from 
    ISI screw ups.

    Only the Paki Military could arrest the ISI cadre and
    leadership and launch an Investigation.
    ISI has lost face with the Terrorist, public, Gov but
    still holds the reigns of power, even in their state
    of exposure and humiliation.
    And more embarrassment for ISI coming:

    Tahawar Rana, David Headley, 
    Fla. Pak-American Imams, 
    Paki Wikileaks expose bring
    more problems for ISI.

    The great question is not whether Pakistan has failed, 
    but whether or not Pakistan is content with failure.
    Will Pakistan continue to let ISI run Rogue?

    ISI is not working in  best interests of the Pakistan people,
    but in the interest of its own POWER.

    What will Paki do? Its up to them, its their country. The World watches.

    War Anthropologist

    Rebuttal welcome, post in comments,G

    We welcome Informants, SPYS, TTP,Taliban members,ISI. Secure,encrypted,cloaked com channel set up 4 U   

    French gov. “not sure that  nuclear deterrent is secure,” especially “with frequent movement of nuclear weapons by Paki military.”

    Clinton: "both our nations have an interest in a safe, stable Afghanistan"... ISI: WHAT? 



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