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    Monday, May 16, 2011

    #Pakistan US meeting, Kerry.

    More of our INTEL

    Both cut from same photo:

    US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter looks on as US Senator John Kerry talks with Pakistan's Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani (R) at the Prime Minister House during a meeting in Islamabad on May 16, 2011. – AFP

    Body language doesn't bode well for US.
    Kerry leaning forward, extending himself,
    both have hands folded as if in prayer,
    Gilani, back straight, hands on chair as
    if ready to leave, head turned to side,
    they are not seated in front of him.

    Kerry seated off the the SIDE.
    we had to cut and paste photos,
    as physical distance BETWEEN them 
    was to great in reality to fit real photo 
    in blog.

    Bottle of lube and tissues on table.

    War Anthropologist

    Let me get this in context: US takes out 
    worlds #1 terrorist, &  pitches 
    a bitchy hissy fit, and demands US stop:
    instead of kudos and thanks, some ally?G

    US needs to pick its Allys better.



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