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    Sunday, May 01, 2011

    Obama US has his body

    Obama said:

    US has body of Bin Laden.
    incident in Pakistan, checking more.
    His body on white house lawn.
    I don't believe on lawn.
    US official: OBL body's being treated in 
    accordance with Islamic practices.

    Source said body in Afghan.
    Binny killed in Afghanistan
    US operation, US asset found

    Bin Laden killed in Mansion
    where he had been living.
    MANSION, servants?

    Human killed Binny,
    not a Drone
    Back of head Shot 
    Running away,
    had shaved beard.

    #ISI Pissed, their cash cow, killed, teat maybe gone, 
    they still have Taliban thats some consolation.
    Paki ISI offical calls it "Assassination"
    ISI Claim to have had boots on the ground:

    Navy seals in Operation,( I suspect run
    by an Army Ranger. G )

    Abbottabad is a small town 2 hours away from 
    Islamabad. It is not 'outside' Pakistan's capital. 
    A small sleepy town built by the British.

    mansion built in 2005, far larger than other homes,
    had he been living there for 6 yrs?


    Binny's compound

     VOA Steve Herman 
     by Geraldanthro
    City where OBL killed, Abbottabad, is HQ of a brigade for Army 2nd Div.

    With out Beard

    Tips to Bin Laden location:
    Surveiling courier, stopped at 
    this Million dollar Mansion. 
    Living in luxury.
    Further surveillance, NO GARBAGE,
    Burned every thing,
    Also no phone or INTERNET.
    Servants carried weapons.
    Heavy security.
    Captured insurgent gave nick name of
    Binnys messenger, 2 years later
    got his real name, leading to binnys death. 
    NO honor in Taliban.

    Women & children were taken into custody 
    during the raid on the OBL compound.
    3 men killed.
    bin Laden compound - 12-18 foot walls topped by 
    barbed wire, internal sections walled off for more privacy.
    Binnys Mansion on fire, now.

    Operation included few helos.
    One crashed, no KIA,
    Chopper destroyed on ground by US 
    Spent 40 min inside OBL compound
    during assault,
    one woman killed in cross fire,
    Binnys guard trying to use her as shield.

    You know the Seals took videos,

    ABBOTABAD: A helicopter crashed on PMA 
    Kakul road in the wee hours of Monday, sources said.

    Osama Bin Laden was attacked and killed by 
    ground units of the United States at 0130 Pak 
    Standard Time (UTC+5), 2 May, 2011. That 
    time corresponds to 1530 Eastern Time US, 
    1 May, 2011, today.

    "this mysterious crash before I heard of the op. Pak military contacts, very lit up over the crash. Sikandarabad area about 90 klicks east of Peshawar where we have some assets."

    Paki report of helo down:

    The timing, location, no markings. The photo is of a HH-60H Seahawk, looks like the FLIR night vision, IR pod is laying in front. The Paks don't have anything like that.


    Breaking, more coming.
    check back/reload.

    Guess This puts the whole Ray Davis thing in perspective, doesn't it?
    And what he was working on the Pakis didn't like.
    ISI now, claiming they were involved.
    MY question: Did Osasma have edema.
    In the book Broken Nuckles"
    They were going to bring Bush OBL head,
    Did Barak get his head?

    Listen to words:
    (Binny now it gets HARD.
    Bin Laden is explaining to
    Allah now his murders, as you read this.)

    Smoking my "BIN LADEN IS DEAD"
    Cigar, aged 10+ yrs now

    We have been setting on this story.
    but 3 seconds after CNN broke the story
    on cable, this post was published, G

    Obama on TV now, breaking:

    OBL killed in Pakistan.
    By US troops.
    Small team of Americans carried out the op. 
    They killed OBL after firefight and took 
    custody of his body.

    Small US team infiltrated ( Paki ), and killed OBL 
    Then brought body back to base ( Afghan )

    Thanked Paki for Mushroom assistance.

    Report photos of DEAD Bin Laden
    has NO BEARD.

    Fire Fighters celebrate NYC

    Photo by@BlakeVE

    Blake Harnage

    CHOPPERS USED IN Binnys death.

    Choppers flew 120+ miles for this strike one way.
    Forgot to mention it to pricks at ISI till after.

    At least two Pakistani television stations broadcast pictures of what they called unconfirmed images of Osama bin Laden's bloodied face after the United States said he had been killed

    Bret Baier on Fox just said that an 'unamed govt official' 
    reported that one of the 3 killed with Osama was his oldest son.
    Saad bin Laden??? Anyone confirm?

    0729: A BBC reporter in Pakistan says the compound where Bin Laden was killed is 800 yards from the premises of the PMA - Pakistan Military Academy - Pakistan's equivalent of British 
    Army officer training centre at Sandhurst. NEEDS TO BE CONFIRMED. G

    Internet Anthropologist said :  IATT 6/03/2009 Biny getting regular supply of O2 tanks, meds and electric. No longer communication over WWW or cell Phone= 

    The district is represented in the National Assembly by two elected MNAs who represent the following constituencies:[11]
    NA-17 (Abbottabad-I)Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan AbbasiPML-N
    NA-18 (Abbottabad-II)Murtaza Javed AbbasiPML-N 2nd
    UPDATE: Operation Geronimo, get Binny, details, opsec.




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    omg omg omg omg omg omg.

    10:45 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Team America, Fuck Ya!

    I hope you are talking some smack tonight on the jihadi forums.

    4:05 AM  
    Anonymous smartalek said...

    God bless the men and women whose strength patience, knowledge, wisdom, and actions made this happen.
    God bless all those we lost on the way, and their surviving families, friends, colleagues whose lives will forever be missing someone who should be there with them.
    God bless our country.

    4:21 AM  
    Anonymous Jane said...

    G, the son was Khaled and the photo published by Pak TV is old photo shop, the UK papers published it also. Guardian

    5:56 PM  
    Blogger Joe said...

    What is the deal with showing the pictures???
    1. U.S. wanted/needed to kill bin Laden. A trial would be out of the question. I can accept that necessity and I can also understand the diplomatic sensitivity. I can understand introducing some ambiguity into the backstory so that nobody sees this raid as an assassination, but you would think they would have had the story straight by now! Half the white house watched the raid on a live feed!!!

    2. The point of the raid was to kill him ~and~ bring back proof. Otherwise why conduct a diplomatically sensitive and high-risk (of failure) operation? To bring back the body and proof!

    I've spent enough time around military and intel organizations to suspect what is going on here: The administration (like so many other bureaucratic organizations, views information as power. By keeping the proof, they have the power, and even more, the ability to milk this thing even longer.

    I try so hard in my intel, geo-political, counter-insurgency and military analysis to be politically neutral. I will admit, I don't like this administration, but the decisions they are making about national security are clearly politically motivated and they are going to cause harm. The admin claims they are uncertain about releasing the photos because of the possible diplomatic and cultural sensitivity. This op has been in detailed planning for months and I accuse them of lying if they claim that there was no plan or discussion about what to do about releasing pictures. Again, the whole reason for this operation was so that they could kill and, most importantly, prove they did in fact kill him! Release the pictures!

    Arab culture is a hotbed of conspiracies and mystery. And there are many who will still doubt the photos. But by taking all the actions to inform and close this matter, we can move on and close this chapter in the war.

    8:28 PM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    I don't think they thought EVERYTHING through, pic Q, for example.
    And they are following Arab reactions to determine course.
    Release sensitive/explosive data little at time, lessens chance for explosive reaction photo will be released with in month, awaiting terrorist reactions. G

    9:29 PM  

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