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    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Memorial day SALUTE : 05.30.11

    This memorial day I wish to remember
    all the American troopers who have 
    fought for America.

    And the Troops in Afghan and Pakistan,
    who have fought against the Taliban and
    al qaeda terrorist.

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    My father was a paratrooper in WWII, Italy and D-Day.
    He seldom talked about his war experiences.
    He had a Purple Heart  Medal, he caught shrapnel
    between the eyes and the Germans left him for dead.

    Years after the war pieces of metal would work their
    way out his tear ducts, and he would show me,
    as a boy I was grossed out, Now I would consider
    the tiny pieces of metal treasures.

    Dad had told me about one jump where one
    of the men froze in the door and they couldn't 
    pry him loose, and they were afraid of missing
    their drop zone, the jump master used his 45 cal,
    and Dad said he cut him in half with it pushed 
    the body out the door and everyone made the jump.
    Such are contigencies during war time.

    Dad also said he thought the Nazi used nerve gass.
    He had come across gliders full of men without
    a scratch on them, all DEAD.

    No one wishes for an end to war more than
    the solider. He knows its horrors first hand.

    Here is to the Day when former Taliban can
    take me into the mountains as a tourist, to see
    old Taliban camps.

    War Anthropologist

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