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    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Did U miss the Live feed on #Karachi attack?

    Paradigm Intel:
    /Taliban paradigm not working, Dissonance ringing loudly, US killed OBL, expensive well equipped AQ attack on Paki? Not US troops.G

    OBL killed.Huge Cash inflow to terrorists,From SA? Violence Directed at Paki? Smells like Paki, ISI in violation of some secret agreement, now paying for it.G

    The cost of these recent attacks have been considerable, Karachi especially,
    Special forces, explosives, rockets, night scopes, inside info, some body is
    irrationally angry for just a foe that missed US picking up OBL.
    More like violation of a PAID agreement to protect him, and now
    ISI Mil paying the price.

    Soon to be missing Paki Colonel, I have12 BSU's searchin4you,come on in, protection assured,  , ONLY WAY OUT 

    This attack is proof Pakistan’s leaders are not doing enough to defeat insurgents. 

    And the Talibans and al qaeda's anger over the killing of OBL is prima facia evidence of an at least tacit agreement between ISI and the insurgents to shield the terrorist from Americans.
    Pakistan is now paying for their default on the agreement with the Terrorist. Bad guys are providing the evidence.
    Question becomes will  turn on TTP or US? ISI is not know for its integrity. They will take the easy way out, joining the insurgents, turning fully anti-American.
    ISI is prepping the public for such a move with anti-American conspiracy's and hate.

    Read our Twitter feed:
    Coverage of the Battle, Live.
    From people there.
    We will keep reporting Intel till is over:!/Geraldanthro

    Run down:

     TV analysts repeatedly blame  and intelligence for supporting . What a shameless hypocrites! Under ISI orders.

    Senior  analyst on Dawn News: 'We know better about  capacity,  naval attack can't be their job.'

     =Taliban on Twitter  Nothing in english for 10hrs ,just Pashtun, G TALIBAN HAVE NO HONOR, G

    22 Taliban have enough ammunition and food and they can fight, survive for three days," Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan

    "It was the revenge of martyrdom of . It was the proof that we are still united and powerful":PakTalib spox 

    Pakistan Taliban spokesman name is Ehsanullah Ehsan

    Pakistan Taliban claim responsibility for  to avenge

     "the attackers r foreigners & trained guerilla fighters, not "jihadis"

    SSG commandos hv taken over operation, but terrorists holding out, tactically in control, with hostages 

    Sources in  government: Attackers are not 
    holed up in 1 building but firing from several positions 

    using hand grenades
    200 more Mil just now joining 600 
    already there.

    Another blast 7 min ago: now 9:36 pm est.
    Hostages held in 3 story bldg, Chinese.
    On going 8.5 hrs now.
    10 loud explosions so far.

    attackers have abundant explosives

    Terrorists also fired on fire brigade; other people are holed up,
    two fire men dead.

    Commando's sweeping barracks.base for stay behinds.

    Pakistan Navy confirms rockets were fired by terrorists.

      marines and SSG responding.

     special forces NOT scared, smiling the smile 
    of the righteous, G Source on the base

    6 Paki mil dead, 6 terrorist dead, 2 arrested, more 
    fighting, Chinese Navy inside base.

    Attackers speaking punjabi and pashtu both.

    Chinese working on planes at time of attack, 
    Chinese casualties unknown

     Entered thru 5 area sewerage line,
    Terrorist confined to one building, Mil 
    reinforcement called in base surrounded,will not escape

      attack on hardened high security Mil 
    base,looks like came thru back, inside 
    knowledge,advanced equipment
    Night googles weapons.

    Suspect Taliban? with al qaeda suicide bombers, 
    no hard proof yet, up to 20 est as low as 10 ppl 
    Lots of damage, and casualties

    Connecting  with terrorism unjustified: 
    Chinese delegation  Paki 
    currently under SIEGE, HEAVY LOSSES,G

    additional private ambulances (about 50) have been called

     What do you think about the  attacks
    tell theTaliban


    By:  Shaheryar Mirza 


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