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    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Bin Laden = break down of the franchise.

    Bin Laden = break down of the franchise.

    If McDonalds university went down,
    soon McDonalds Franchisees would 
    start offering items from their local areas,
    Items they could buy locally cheaper,
    changing the menu, and soon they would
    be McDonalds in name only.

    We expect the same will happen with al Qaeda.
    The leader is gone. OBL

    Look for more localized area attacks, 
    more brutal acts, more beheadings and

    There may even be some competition
    between the franchises, for brutality.
    Which will further distance them from
    the Islamic main stream.

    Main stream Islam has seen the power.
    And its not terrorism, 
    Bin Laden tried that for 10 yrs and killed
    more Muslims than Americans, and brought
    about ZERO changes. And was giving Islam
    a bad name.

    The new movement has been demonstrated
    by Egyptian people, demonstrations.
    And they removed a powerful dictator.

    Other Islamic countries are trying the same.
    Libya, Syria and many others.

    Terrorism is a dying paradigm, unsuccessful
    and an epic Fail.

    Islam or fractions of it are not afraid to use
    terrorism to effect change, but they tried for
    10 plus years, with the worlds leading terrorist
    OBL. and the Paradigm is a fail.
    It just doesn't work.

    US will play out its time in Afpak, 
    but even there the Islamic demonstration
    seed has been planted.

    The people themselves will bring about the
    change, just as in Egypt and Libya etc.
    US has had too little faith in the Ummah, the
    people of Islam.

    After the majority of Americans leave Afghan,
    and cut off most funds and bring sanctions against
    the ISI, the people of Pakistan have seen the 
    way, feel it in their bones and will make some changes.

    They see daily the unjustness of ISI, and feel
    their whip on their backs.
    ISI making #Pakistan sick, Bhutto Sons,
    Daughter,Taliban OBL,ISI shames the country.
    And the ummah knows who is to blame.

    After the 40 day mourning period aq will
    attack, smaller attacks, and the venue is known.

    But the al qaeda cult is on the down slope,
    and they just haven't admitted it yet.
    A failed paradigm and failed leadership.
    And massive loss of popular support.
    Lead by loser Americans, 
    Fat boy and skinny google eyes.

    They will burn themselves up against the
    US Mil grist mill.
    Pakistans ISI is leading Pakistan into an economic
    catastrophe leading to the fall of Pakistan.
    And it won't be pretty or bloodless but
    it seems its the only way for the Paki people
    to rise up and take back their Government.
    US, Russia, China and India are standing
    by to help Paki make sure nuke weapons don't fall
    into the hands of the Terrorists.

    What is ISI going to do?
    Support terrorist give them a sanctuary?
    Support attacks, Mumbai?
    Rile the Paki people up against US?
    OR send Taliban into Afghan to attack
    that Government?
    I'm not sure what the difference between
    a Paki ally or enemy is?

    Paki can cut US supply routes to Afghan
    US will be drawing down troops, new Russian
    buddies for new supply routes, lot of quiet behind
    the scenes deals already made.
    And US air lift can supply 30,000 US troops
    ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, including

    Pakistan is running out of cards. 
    Pakistan is screwing up big time.
    ISI making  sick, Bhutto Sons,
    Daughter,Taliban OBL,ISI shames the 
    country, Collusion with Terrorist,sanctuaries.

    The US just has to get the timing right,
    its not US place or responsibility to fix
    Afghan or Pakistan, US spent Billions
    and thousands of American lives trying.
    US doesn't have the  or  
    capabilities to do nation building,

    It is Paki and Afghans problem, US
    cannot fix it only the Paki and Afghan
    people can, its their responsibility.

    US can stand by with NATO to defend
    their people if requested just like in
    Libya, but its their fight, its their country.
    Its their decisions.

    US tried its best and hardest to do 
    Nation building and bring true democracy,
    and failed, THAT IS THE DUTY AND 

    ISI will bring about its own demise.

    War Anthropologist

    Paki's view:
    India is not enemy No. 1 anymore US is, 
    enlightening article,Good insight, G 

    Taliban success in driving Paki hate wedge between 
     and US, Paki playing right into Taliban Al 
    qaeda hands, like puppets, G

    “We used see Pakistan as a flawed ally and the Afghan 
    Taliban as their enemy. Now we see the truth as the reverse”.

     hawks,self-delusion and outright paranoid.
    ready to self destruct, G 



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