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    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    al qaeda hackers

    The new team of al qaeda hackers
    are top line of the defacers, kiddie scripters.
    and connected with malware used on porn
    Group announced that "hacker" electronic group calling itself the Pirates of the Gaza campaign on a number of websites.

    BSU's deployed.

    -=- الغضب -=- jazer -=-انا المسلمة -=-
    -=- The Matrex-=-Mr.Roo7-=-rootfind
    black rose -=-Foxy-=-You-SniPer

    The group hacked ten U.S. locations, easy targets..


    Pakistani Taliban named of Umar Khalid, are operating in the mountainous regions of Pakistan.

    During his press conference Umar Khalid said that the Pakistani Taliban is going to take revenge on the United States and the regime in Islamabad for the murder of Sheik bin Laden. He said that now the American targets and objects in Pakistan are now on hit list of the Taliban.

    "It took the Americans 11 years to kill Osama but for us it is easy, we will take our revenge in less than a few months", said Umar Khalid

    It is seen in the report of Al-Jazeera that the detachment of Umar Khalid use motorcycles and station wagons, camouflaged under mud. The correspondent notes that the Taliban use modern radio and laptops.

    Al-Jazeera has also circulated information that the interim head of al-Qaeda has been appointed Saif al-Adel

    The military leader of al-Qaeda has been appointed Mustafa al-Yemeni.

    ISI is working leads in Quetta.

    al qaeda on the down ward slope, becoming irrelevant.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.


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