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    Sunday, April 17, 2011

    Who ordered the destruction of the GOP?

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    I like our two party system,
    I used to be a Republican,
    I have no desire to see the GOP

    Who in the GOP leadership ordered
    the GOP destroyed?

    First their support of Wall St Banks,
    and their legal shield for criminal
    activities, sub-prime fraud, Usury
    460+% on pay day loans, 30% on
    credit cards, fake foreclosure courts,
    $700 billion tax break for Wall St Bank
    billionaire buddies.
    Why NO prosecution of Wall St banks?
    Then they want to do away with
    Social Security, Medicaid  and Medicare.
    GOP sob OUT Read more:
    Blocked unemployment till they got
    the $700 Billion tx cut for the Wall St
    banking Billionaires, & want cut min. wage
    in a depression.

    And now:
    Mich. Republican Governor Snyder launches the first  "coup d'etat"
    against a duly elected local City Benton Harbor.
     illegal Martial law, 
    US first coup d'etat,of elected Government 
    by the,-MI

    Is the GOP on a suicide mission or have the Democrats
    infiltrated the GOP to launch this plan of self destruction.
    GOP fraud and hypocrisy .
    What is the GOP going to do NEXT, push old ladies under
    trains? Ending Social Security isn't the same.

    Senate Investigation of Wall St Banks


     @ President, @VP, @ Sect of State, GO 


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    There is plenty of blame for the Republicans but let's not forget that Obama was elected in 2008 and his administration controls the DOJ and from 2006-2010 the Democrats controlled congress and still control the Senate.

    Both parties get money from the financial sector. Which is why TARP passed with broad bi-partisan support. The last couple election cycles, the Democrats received more money from wall street.

    I don't really agree with what is going on in MI but I also don't know much about Benton Harbor's fiscal situation.

    From what I understand about the legislation, Benton Harbor would have to be on the brink of bankruptcy and not have a plan to deal with it on their own before the state could step in.

    Would the state of MI be required to pay for all of Benton Harbor civil services if the city is unable to meet it financial obligation?

    If you are interested here are some links:,1607,7-121-1751_51556-198770--,00.html

    "A local government, with a two-thirds vote of its governing body, may appeal the Governor's determination to Ingham County circuit court. The determination may be set aside only if found to be either:

    (a) Not supported by competent, material, and substantial evidence on the whole record.

    (b) Arbitrary, capricious, or clearly an abuse or unwarranted exercise of discretion."

    I am assuming the city government went to court but a quick google search didn't reveal anything.

    3:50 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You have to stop smoking the good stuff.
    Had Bush and the GOP allowed the banks to fail, the aftermath would have been worse than any war you have witnessed.
    I dont' read your twitter posts for your political commentary. Simply not your expertise. I also don't think you have a clear understanding of the courageous decisions that Hank Paulson and Bush made in that period. I'm not pleased that the banks have been given the dough they have, but the alternative was simply unthinkable. For such an incredibly smart guy, you don't seem to get that. I know you and I are both entitled to our own opinions, but yours are misguided.
    Wealth in this country will cease to exsist and we will all become victims of poverty and lifestyles similar to that of third world countries if you endorse tax policies that steal from people who are successful and redistribute those assets to people who refuse to work and contribute to society.

    12:26 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And I forgot to add..

    You don't appear to understand the genesis of the payday loan business , sub-prime loans, and the others you mention..when I read your comments on things in which I am expert it mitigates my respect for your views on which I am not..Not about GOP buddy...

    12:32 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    Your assertions are simply not true, they could have been broke up, or taken over and run during the emergency, then
    broke up.
    We are not stealing from Billionaires simply taxing them, this is not India and they are not holy cows.

    2:56 AM  
    Blogger gerald said...

    "genesis of the payday loan business , sub-prime loans" There is now way to justify 460% interest rates, its criminal. Nor is there justification for what sub-prime became, "D" grade paper sold as "AAA" and what is your alleged expertise? Anonymous.

    Your implications point to a shallow or twisted understanding of these economics.

    Mine is a series 3 and 7 Brokers Lise.


    3:01 AM  

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