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    Monday, April 25, 2011

    " #STARS ", #Stuxnet 3.0 has crippled Iran

    Virus "STARS" hits Iran

    Iran hit by another worm/virus/rootkit/secretGizmoes

    Vortex , doctor Gholamreza Jalali, on malware "Astars" the scientists identified it. "Fortunately, our young scientists were able to discover the virus and Presented to the lab, but still working on it continues and final results not in. "executable files may sometimes be mistaken for government agencies" 
     "does not mean the threat has been entirely resolved" 
    Iran has discovered a new hostile computer virus designed to damage government systems.
    “Fortunately, our scientists have successfully identified the Stars virus, which has now been sent to laboratories,”
    Mr. Jalali said that the threat from Stuxnet had not yet been completely dispelled, and cautioned that further attacks were anticipated.

    Point to Irans acknowledgement of defeat.

    Its so BAD Iran is not even talking about
    what it did.

    Our intercepts picked up:


     Iran regime:IRCG:"enemy has a lot invested in Cyber.We must be prepared to lose the deal with this aggression. " Accurate quote,G

    Paradigm Intel, BSU's and Intercepts:


    Stars: Stuxnet 3.0

    We wrote about it on 10.17.10
    Click link above.

    Three notable items,
    One the defeat announcement by IRCG
    The secret nature of the damage.
    This is round #2
    Confidence is high, and they will push limits,
    technology, and strategy.
    This is gona hurt Iran Regime.
    We are witnessing real cyber war.
    Fought in new domain, no boots on ground,
    no injured, surgical strike, persistent, potential
    kinetic strike, etc.
    Its a different kind of warfare.
    Enemy Counterstrike potentially illegal.

    Can't validate attackers ID.
    Using new stealth attack paradigm.
    OPSEC: will discuss when/if story breaks.

    Paradigm Intel:
    Our paradigm intel suggests Iran was just checkmated.
    However not sure on what level.
    Just the nuclear development capability,

    The Stuxnet first strike was measured, mild,
    and non-violent, no one was killed and surgical.
    Its persistent, cloaked, Artificially Intelligence enhanced,
    programed self-defense.

    It killed no one, influenced only non-lethal sub-systems,
    to stop nuclear program development.

    Now what is strike two?
    They could have terminated all electrical power in Iran.
    Tilt targeted banking balances to ZERO.
    Shut down Iranian cooling systems, causing a Japan
    type Nuclear melt down.
    Make Military stuff go BOOM, self destruct explosions.

    The new stuff has some double blind paradigms

    Stars; we think will target only regime infra-structure,
    leaving civilian infra-structure standing.

    Blocks the regime, somehow, working
    on details, full picture.


    #Intercept Iran regime: "IRCG Commander General "enemy of cyberspace Via software tools:tapping the country's infrastructure"

    The silence is deafening.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 

    War Anthropologist
    ad Magnum


    Our BSU intercepts also picked up:

    IATT : Iran regime: فردای نخستین آزمایش هسته‌ای ایران، یک روز معمولی "Tomorrow's first nuclear test, a regular day"

    It turned out they were talking about what world press says.
    Irans bomb test near.

    And press has been setting dates for the first nuke test for years.
    And then they said :
    "Tomorrow's first nuclear test, a regular day"

    The BSU was nuanced enough to read it as important.
    But not nuanced enough to pick it out as humor.

    Because of HV dated content, we blew the WHISTLE.G


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