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    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Serendipity, PUSH ON

    Gerald:4 of my hats

     Floor of NYSE, me center.

    Me and President Ford

    Missions, operations and goal achievement.

    I've been on "jobs" for lack of a better word,
    when we went way beyond our supply lines
    and support systems, were on our own, ALONE.

    It happens when serendipity strikes,
    and instead of making it to level 3,
    your very difficult target, you battle
    so hard, effectively when you look
    up your on level 7.

    And the thing most do 
    is stay put and consolidate the victory.

    But finding your self beyond the goal
    beyond all expectations, you continue
    to push on. And thats when you get beyond
    support systems, and in the zone.

    Of course there are strategic considerations,
    you wouldn't do this if you were on a battle line,
    too much risk of friendly fire. Or flanking.

    Or if your assignment was to retrieve some data,
    or person.

    But there are cases where its good.

    Recon or Cell Penetration or finding a backdoor.
    In both the Meat and cyber worlds.

    Where you have the foresight to NOT to
    stop with the current victory and push on to
    see how far you can go.

    If you push this paradigm to its limits it can
    become a zero error game.

    And zero error games can be successfully played.
    But if you discover your in a zero error game to
    late, your finished.

    A real Zero Error game has the effect of enormous
    focused concentration.
    And there is an addictive flavor to it, an adrenalin rush
    to it.

    One of the zero error games I've played was a Knife
    fight in Morocco, I spent the night at the Embassy.

    My second swipe of the blade I realized I was in a
    ZERO ERROR game. I lost some skin off a finger.

    I quit swinging for his fingers and went after his
    torso. To Cut him OPEN. 

    But you have the flavor now.

    Marines do it all the time.
    Kill an ambush and go on looking
    for another one.

    There is that type, flavor of games
    on the WWW and in the meat world,
    on the strategic level.

    It is rewarding and disappointing
    when sometimes the proof of success  
    is someone disappears from the Internet, 
    your left wanting more.

    Some times you end out there so far,
    your boss calls you a liar,
    till you show him the product/proofs.

    At points your adrenalin is being pumped
    by an oil well, and you have to appear,
    present as if everything were normal.
    Other times you make it to the top goal,
    way above your objective 
    and find your self not quite prepared.

    You reached the summit, and find a formal
    dance party in progress, and of course
    your wearing mountain climbing gear.
    And somebody is asking if you'd like
    to do some push ups.
    You've just climbed a mountain,
    bypassing base camp, and somebody
    is faulting your operational persona
    for not wearing formal attire. 
    Irritating and exhilarating; both.

    The loss of physical strength, fatigue.
    is much easier to deal with than
    Mental fatigue. I've worked 48 hr days.
    Its hard, bounce back slow.

    I find if I keep my reward commensurate
    to or in excess of accomplishment I last
    a lot longer, less trouble with burn out.

    Has to be some form of fun, even if twisted.
    I think arguing the Koran with a terrorist fun.
    I love tracking someone down for a month,
    and using every exploit, advantage, technology,
    mole I have access to. Thats fun.

    There have been two times in my life that
    the pressure was so immense and prolonged
    I thought I might break, I didn't, but I did crack.
    And had to take some time off, to regroup,
    refocus and come down before continuing.
    Each time its gotten easier and feel less like
    breaking and takes more pressure to interrupt
    actions. In each of the two cases its gotten 

    But I feel like I've screwed up when I reach
    the peak and find I'm wearing mountain equipment
    to a formal.

    But theres just no telling where the 'end game' WILL
    end. Sometimes your just glad you have an end game.

    Some times its like dominoes other times its like
    mole hunting.

    And strange as it sounds, I have no idea what blog 
    post/Intel is going to get maximum hits. 

    Some of the Intel I think is just Genius, gets panned.
    Thats disappointing.
    Some of the Intel I throw in at the last min. gets 70%
    of the hits. Thats disappointing too.

    Recent hot news sometimes gets the hits and
    some times doesn't.

    We have had operations where a blog post was written
    for one person, some one that didn't even know who we
    were, but we knew who they were.
    We just needed to deliver a message without them knowing
    they were reading a message.

    And some posts are written for a specific audience,
    some are PSA's, we don't write for hits.  
    But the reading audience is a weapon.

    Some posts are part of an operation, but all true.
    I love comments, some comments have deserved
    their own post and I did. And I OK all comments
    unless they are spam.

    Fun Part of the job are the toys.
    Hard part of the job are the toys.
    The paranoia you get used to.
    And you actually can get used to
    waiting. That came as a surprise.

    I wanted to share with readers what some of this
    work is like from the inside sometimes, subject to OPsec.

    Hope it made sense.

    ad magnum


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