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    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    Scary Fiction: New War Domain

    Grapic Warning 
    Thought WARNING

    This isn't true, it is FACTUAL.
    Part of our analysis is what scares you, me.
    Now lets take that to a worst case level.
    And explore that paradigm.
    That is what your going to see now.

    One of the pluses to a artificial Intelligence
    is it never says,"well thats just stupid" and ignore
    it, if it tracks its reported.

    Do I believe it, I don't know.
    Its accurate, and the paradigm plays.


    Supreme court says foreign Governments
    can form corporations and give unlimited
    amounts of $$$ into the American election

    Enemy Government xyz forms corp X Bank
    ( or private entity instead of Gov. ).
    Funnels billions of dollars in to corp X Bank
    to influence US elections and LAWS.

    Corp X buys Lobbyists.
    Funds sock puppet,
    stirs up 1/2% of US pop
    to go active on key items.
    Call them the "Coffee Party"
    They are your dogs.
    Turn them loose, guaranteed to
    get massive press coverage.
    Use them.

    The going price for a US Congressmen
    is around $3 million dollars.
    And NO Law has been broken.
    Buying Congressmen is legal,
    Unlimited contributions/Bribes.

    Now to destroy the country.
    What you gonna do?
    What you gonna do?

    Lets see take out their social security nets.
    Destroy US from with in,
    Kill Social Security.
    Kill Medicare Medicaid

    Put the US Military on a leash.
    Cut their Budgets.

    Pass a law to let Government remove
    elected officials.

    Pass laws to Kill Unions.

    Legalize Usury:
    Let the criminals thrive.
    640 % interest, payday loans
    30 % on credit cards.
    The corporations will Bleed
    the Americans.

    Protect the Wall St Banks
    they are criminals and will
    do another kind of sub-Prime
    scam again, the Wall St Banks
    crippled the worlds economies,
    killed employment in US, millions
    lost their homes.

    They are very powerful they
    single handed almost borough down
    the whole worlds economies.
    Protect the Wall St Banks at all
    costs, our biggest asset.


    We looked at what scared me,
    and ran that out in the worst case
    paradigm we could come up with.
    But it is ALL accurate.

    Those things could be done.

    Would any one see it coming?
    Is anyone even looking?
    What jurisdiction?
    Nothing illegal was done.

    Hell what DOMAIN?

    This is the stuff we get from the Social Change Engine SCE
    paradigm Intel, OSINT, BSUs.

    Not fun but always interesting.

    Decision tree:
    Now is this worth checking out?
    Is this something we can have an Impact on?
    Time frame.
    run some ESORE forecasts.

    Thats why I Love/Hate this job.
    Challenges never end.
    Chance to have impact.
    No LEARNING CURVE. Straight 45 degrees.
    Frontier stuff.

    We are the Beaver hunters of the 1700's
    but to the 2030.

    War Anthropologist



    Anonymous Anonymous said... and are down, could this be th3j35t3r? or maybe someone mad at him?

    1:28 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Supreme court says foreign Governments
    can form corporations and give unlimited
    amounts of $$$ into the American election

    That same decision upheld the right for unions to spend unlimited amounts of money as well. And if you are looking for an international angle, the unions are a good place to start.

    Unions spend significant amounts of money on politics, hundreds of millions of dollars.

    You have an interesting premise but why limit it to companies and not extend it to unions, charities, NGO's, or activist groups like PETA and Greenpeace?

    Are all special interests bad or just the ones you disagree with politically?

    I think we get into a tricky area when we want to prevent X group from participating in politics, especially if it is because X group doesn't support your politician.

    But if you wanted restrictions on ALL special interest groups, we might be able to come to an agreement.

    4:44 AM  

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