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    Monday, April 04, 2011

    Insurgents demand reduction in American Freedoms

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    Afghanistan Murder Apologists Reid R. & Graham R. Call for Free Speech Limits & Koran Burning  Inquiry

    Message them here:
    @ & @

    I think its a good idea, lets carry it one step further,
    lets just suspend all rights of Free speech in America,
    that might cut criticism and please the Psychotics in

    But there is no reason to stop there either, lets pack
    up all the US courts and install Shariah law throughout 

    Closing all the Girls schools and mandating the Berka for
    all US women too. 

    Or maybe impeach Reid and Graham and anyone else
    who advocates infringing American rights because
    of a sick psychotic minority.

    While I think burning the Koran is misguided,
    in the US the citizens have the right to burn ANY

    US Troops are in Afghanistan fighting for the rights
    of US citizens. And the burning of the Koran may
    increase the threat against them, but the US should not
    infringe in the Rights of Americans because some
    psychotics are on a killing rampage in Afghan.

    If the war in Afghan requires disassembling American
    rights then maybe US should pull out if the US Military
    can't handle the threat.

    If they win the blackmail on Quran burning whats next?
    Using Drones maybe?

    Where is this murderous minority coming from?
    Where is this extreme anti-Americanism coming from?
    Its the Taliban and al Qaeda filling a vacuum in the 
    Infowar realm.

    Last month I posted on the insurgents in Afpak
    changed their paradigm, and I out lined it is some
    The insurgents, Taliban and al qaeda gave up "Teh
    they are the GOOD GUYS" and have switched to
    a propaganda paradigm that they are the lesser Evil.
    US being the greater Evil. And are promoting it under
    the guise of Nationalism, Ahmed Quraishi at is a good example.
    Spreading lies and hatred, propaganda and lying to the

    In Afpak accusations that the Taliban is US funded
    gain purchase, so weak is the US infowar.

    Keep the focus on the murders, burning a Quaran
    is no reason to KILL innocents.
    US should not give the insurgents this victory.
    US should not validate their actions by changing
    American Freedoms.

    Quran-burning preacher in spotlight -  He didnot kill anyone, the Psychos in Afghan DID,keep blame on right people,

    Afghan PSYCHOS BLACKMAIL @ & @fold:call for Free speech limits,both  Call for Impeachment

    The US is winning every battle and killing every mid-level cadre
    the Taliban promotes, but US will loose the WAR unless they
    correct the problems with the Infowar, spreading the Truth.

    Israel made adjustment to their Infowar paradigm
    which were very effective.

    War Anthropologist



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