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    Wednesday, April 06, 2011

    Future of Afpak

    More of our INTEL

    al qaeda and Taliban have switched to new very successful paradigm,
    terrorist are lesser evil, US is worse evil, under guise of nationalism.

    Paradigm moving towards forcing US out of Afpak.
    US preparing for new covert war. Petraeus moving to CIA,
    US goes CIA covert WAR, & drone war with Petraeus.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm

    Expanded Tweets:
    US Koran burning, ruse to ignite psychotic explosive Afghan 
    cocktail -  New problem 

    Taliban supports Afghan protest over Quran burning -

    US wins every battle, kills all  mid-level cadre and still 
    loose WAR, basis of inferior 

      force US withdrawal,spiral into 
    econ depression, terrorist states, Blood bath and US will 
    be blamed.
    Paki ISI running a Terrorist GpTaliban - Internet Anthropologist ...

      econ to collapse,become bigger 
    drug exporters see  Drug war 

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Afpak paradigm

    Its going to get very messy but cheaper.

    Pakistani military's effort to clear militants from Mohmand, a part of the northwest Pakistan's tribal areas, was failing for the third time in two years. 

    The report also lamented that although that four coordination centres operated by US, Pakistan and Afghan troops are up and running on the Afghan side of the border, none are yet operating on the Pakistan side despite a pledge in 2009 from Pakistan to do so. 

    "The deterioration of Pakistan's economy and slow progress on economic reforms poses the greatest threat to Pakistan's stability over the medium term,"

    Cleaning up  ’s banking system - collapse of the economy possible 

    Pakistan's Governments clear effort to stop drones from attacking Taliban in their
    Paki sanctuaries is a clear message of insurgency support.
    Kidnapping Davis and other pressures to stop sanctuary attacks.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Al-Qaeda's Pakistan PSYOP

    How Taliban al qaeda set this NEW Paradigm up.

    War Anthropologist



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