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    Friday, March 18, 2011

    Ops and Intel Update 03.18.11

    Lots going on, I've been twitting
    mostly on Japans nuke problems.

    Time to catch up on the rest of the world.

    First Pakistan:

    Davis, American, diplomat, hero, innocent.

    Paki is in the midst of a infowar backlash,
    their vitriol is so bitter Paki is spiraling into
    a fit of hatred, self doubt and have become
    unconnected to reality.

    They have not trust worthy sources.

    The Taliban is running a very effective
    infowar against its own people.
    and the blow back is going to be devastating.

    The Taliban and ISI have infiltrated the nationalist
    movement and pumping out conflicting propaganda
    generating mass confusion, hatred and cracking the
    paki physic. They trust no one and see collusion and 
    conspiracies everywhere.

    Even the most outlandish concepts are finding purchase,
    no matter how bazaar.
    This Infowar is running with the approval of the Paki
    Military looking to undermine the legitimate Government. 
    But it is spiraling out of control.

    The Paki Cyber Army isn't, its an infowar operation for
    the young. 

    The PCA is run by two people,
    and they have two web sites:

    More background below:

    Paradigm Intel suggest Paki maybe getting ready for a complete break
    with the US.

    I hope the US forces are ready for that.
    BSU's deployed.
    The craziness starts:

     China Paki nuke deal,Where's Stuxnet?

    Shahbaz Bhatti,Christian, modern day martyr in | Insanity runs rampant in paki,G

    Protests continue over Raymond Davis release More Crazy, it continues, G

    Times of India: 22 Indian fishermen held in Pakistan - More Crazy, G PAF on alert after drone strike that killed over 40 - And the craziness starts, G

    Dr. Lavoy: “… Despite pending economic catastrophe, Pakistan is producing nuclear weapons at a faster rate than any other country in the world.”

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ISI waving the Taliban Flag

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: ISI officially supporting Afghan Insurgents...

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Drone offensive much more EFFECTIVE..

    Huge paradigm shift by Tliban al Qaeda;  not to gain recruits but stir up anti-American sentiment. New program very successful, G


    Anonymous huge fopa.

    The problems with the Anonymous security paradigm:!5783173/inside-anonymous-secret-war-room


     in 2010 alone, there were in excess of 10 million attacks on classified networks.  Of those, 90% of the attacking IPs came from abroad with the US, Japan, and South Korea ranking as the three highest ranking sources of attack.

    The number one source of attacks China:


    A recent surge in attacks against a variety of sites that exploit a MHTML XSS vulnerability publicly disclosed in January - and which still hasn't been patched by Microsoft - has been remarked on by Google's Security Team researchers.

    Google Makes Whitelist Admission
    If they have a white list then you KNOW THEY HAVE A BLACK LIST.
    We still maintain Google has been 
    penetrated by Islamic extremists.


    Raytheon Teams With West Point to Combat 

    the Insider Threat on War Front Lines.

    Excellent concept, needs to be applied to networks in CONUS.

    Currently there is very little deterrent for just BEATING on 
    classified firewalls.


    Japan nuclear problem while not under control
    is understood now, Chernobyl type tomb stone
    Question remains about the level of radiation 
    blown into the sea, and where tides and currents
    carried it.
    Problem lies in protecting backup cooling systems,
    expect they will be reinforced in US, AFTER similar
    nuclear accident in US.

        ,facing NEW seminal paradigms,steep learning curve,cut Urself some slack,SALUTE,G WORLD PROUD OF U

    Japans nuclear meltdown


    GOP continues on political suicide missions for
    Billionaire buddies they got $700 billion in tax cuts,
    while cutting Tsunami warning funding, cutting social
    nets for poor and Mil budgets to maintain $700 billion
    tax cut. Disaster in MI,OH and WI.


    Libya is Obama enrolled in Carter war school?
    Just not sure he has the Balls for it.


    Thats all I can talk about for now.
    HAVE big story coming out in future
    as soon as OPsec clears it.

    War Anthropologist



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