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    Monday, March 28, 2011

    Exclusive: IAEA confronts Japan

    A source close to the  nuclear disaster
    informed us of the presents that #2 reactor: 
    Cl-38, I-132, I-133, Ru-105, Te-129 was detected.

    In an email to IAEA in Tokyo we advise them
    of the discovery.

    A source in IAEA indicated our report
    resulted in a flurry of action and consultations
    world  wide with many Nuclear agencys.

    IAEA click to enlarge.
    We put a BSU on the issue. And thru 
    sources, BSU's and Paradigm Intel
    are releasing this story.

    Hours later results were produced
    in record time for a nuclear agency.

    And there was a meeting with Japan
    on their lack of transparency.

    It looks like the utility was with holding
    info as there was a deluge of apologies
    in the press from Tokyo Electric Power Co.

    We have heard rumors of 3 different kinds
    of plutonium discovered at the site. 
    CONFIRMED, Mar 29,11: plutonium-238, plutonium-239 
    and plutonium-240 SOURCE:

    And an admission shortly after after our Email
    that "Japan gov't now says radioactive water 
    at Reactor 2 is from a "temporary partial 
    meltdown" of reactor's core.  

    And a call for UN atom agency calls nuclear safety summit
    1 hour ago
    VIENNA, March 28 (Reuters) - The UN nuclear watchdog's chief on Monday called ... nuclear safety and improve disaster management following Japan's crisis. ...

    We still believe the danger zone should be expanded to 50 miles
    because of the presents of plutonium inside and out side the reactor. 

    We hope our contribution will aid in transparency
    On this issue of world concern.

    Japan is doing a remarkable job during an impossible situation.
    Who is working on problems?
    Partial list
    Japan´s Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA)
    Safety Commission of Japan 
    IAEA staff in Japan, in the Tokyo office
    IAEA´s Incident and Emergency Centre
    Japanese Ministry of Economy
    Trade and Industry (METI)
    senior executives of Tokyo Electric Power Company
    US Navy

    Recent tweet about Japanese press.
     on lack of journalistic criticism of TEPCO: "media has been bought & paid for by the power company."

     Not bought and paid for, simply not true, cultural difference, press there isn't adversarial, G Anthropologist

    We welcome sources, a secure, encrypted,
    cloaked communications channel will be set up
    for you.

    IATT ( our ) Cyber security capabilities



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    Possibly of interest for independent investiagtions: UPDATED & Expanded: Build your own Air Force of Radiation-Monitoring Mini-Helicopter Drones:

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