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    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    The US victory in Afpak

    Afghan in perspective.
    An Afghan Win within reach.
    Afpak victory including post war infrastructure.

    President Obama was elected by 53% of popular vote.

    In Afghan 63% of the population feel favorable towards
    the USA forces and like them in Afghan.

    In that light one can view Afghan as a win.
    For the hearts and minds, More Support for US forces 
    in Afghan than for Obama in the US Presidential 
    election he WON.
    Looks better in context doesn't it.

    The Taliban have never kept a treaty,
    and broken all of the past peace treatys.
    The Taliban used the peace treatys to
    regroup, rearm and attack again.
    50 examples.

    Karzi hoped to do a peace deal with the
    Taliban and thought he was making significant
    progress. It turned out he wasn't dealing with
    the Taliban but was being scammed.
    And would have been signing his own death warrant
    with any treaty with the Taliban.

    Pakistan is protecting the Taliban in safe
    areas in Pakistan as a covert force multiplier.
    Why Paki won't go after the Sanctuarys.

    The Taliban are not a religion, but a political
    party using violence and terrorism to try and gain
    power, and using a bastardization version of Islam
    to dupe the ignorant.

    Doubling up of drones and drone attacks 
    is the one venue the US has to bring pressure on the Taliban
    leadership to give up the al Quada cult irregardless of
    of Karzi's demented rants and raves in his bipolar disorder
    or his menopause, whichever the case maybe.

    And is an effective work around the Paki Gov. and their
    Great Game.

    This policy of attriting the Taliban leadership is working.
    And the Taliban both hate and fear the drones.
    And are using every and any means at their disposal 
    to try and stop the drone attacks.

    And spend a considerable portion of their Info war
    efforts on trying to end the Drone operation against them.
    Which signifies the success of the Drones on EVERY

    Successful Taliban paradigm of killing all the leadership.
    Many people said that if the ISI was sincere with the Pakhtuns it must target-kill the entire Taliban leadership just like the Taliban have done in the case of over 200 tribal leaders and must restore the writ of the government in the Taliban-occupied areas.

    The US has the ability to withdraw and place the responsibility
    of Afghan and Paki support and aid efforts directly on the 
    shoulders of the Paki and Afghan Governments, making them 
    directly responsible for the success or failure of the insurgent 
    war in their respective countries.

    US can switch from a COIN paradigm driven by the Great Game
    to a profit driven paradigm directly against the Insurgents.
    A self generating AdminSys force with deep motivations for
    success. HOW?

    The US has in its reach the ability to successfully
    conclude the Afpak war in victory, also in post WAR.

    Wipe out al Qaeda, and leave a self directed program to
    build an infrastructure, based on profits and
    anti-terror paradigm.

    The failure of this program could be traced to
    Afghan or Pakistani faults NOT US ineptitude.

    War Anthropologist


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