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    Monday, January 03, 2011

    US could be out of Afpak in 6 mos w/Binny

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    US could be out of Afghan and Paki CLEAN in 6 mos w/Binny.

    US went into Afpak to get al qaeda 911 perps.
    US wants a safe and secure Afghan and wants
    to leave Afghan.

    The current paradigm has players at cross proposes.
    Afpak wants the $20 billion each they get a year for
    going after terrorism
    Paki wants the Taliban as a force multiplier and gives
    them sanctuary.

    Paki has many reservations about US leaving Afghan.
    US did once before and left them flat after the defeat
    of the Russians.

    Both Afghan and Paki are worried about US leaving
    and the loss of funding.

    The current war paradigm works at cross proposes.
    Both Afghan and Paki look at the GWOT as a $20
    billion cash cow.
    Once they kill al Qaeda they also kill the cash cow.
    If US leaves without killing al qaeda, it leaves the door
    open for either Afghan or Paki to enable al qaeda to
    reconnect to the GWOT $20 billion cash teat.

    And Paki will not go after the sanctuaries and kill off

    What is US going to do with / for Afghan/Paki after
    the US leaves?

    An unlikely exit from Afghanistan Not encouraging

    The Republicans present a major problem.
    The GOP supported billionaires $700 billion 
    tax cut while rejecting unemployment payments,
    during a recession.
    Absolutely no common sense.
    And the GOP will not be supportive of a program
    supporting Afghan and Paki even to keep terrorism
    down, the GOP simply can't be trusted and Afpak
    knows this.

    Karzi wants to start a joint government with the Taliban,
    and Paki will use Taliban against Afghan.
    And both have a big financial motive  to enable terrorism
    in CONUS, to reconnect to the $20 billion teat.

    But there is a way out and around all these problems.
    Killing al qaeda, and controlling Taliban.

    Give Afpak 6 months to turn over Bin Laden, Omar et al,
    Dead or alive, and get a contract for $20 billion each over 5 yrs.
    $4 billion each yr for 5 yrs with option to renew.

    No Bin Laden, Omar etal no deal.

    But US isn't on the hook for the $40 billion.
    Pull in the Wall St Bankers, to sell Afghan and Paki Peace bonds.
    The first year the principle is Guaranteed by US Gov.

    Foreign Peace /WAR Bonds.
    Paki and Afghan have to invest the money, with FBI or
    equivalent oversight and cover all interest payments.

    After the death or turn over of al qeada et al,
    they get the money to invest in the infrastructure.

    We get the insurgents they get to stay on the Cash Teat,
    and they build and develop the country.

    With over sight, if the money is stolen or wasted
    through corruption then Wall St will not deliver the 
    next years $4 billion in Bonds.

    The market weighs the progress and profits,
    AfPak build their countries and develop minerals
    in a transparent method that Wall St will accept
    or they loose future funding.
    In the first year to get it started US guarntees the 
    first $4 billion to each Afghan and Paki.

    US get Bin Laden, Omar al Qaeda etal.

    This paradigm realigns all motives to the same end.
    'Profits, end of terrorism'.

    After al qaeda is gone, its up to Afghan and Paki
    to make it work, Wall St provides the funding,
    based on profits after first year, if Afpak
    work together and invest stop corruption then
    they will have access to US capital markets with
    some support of US Gov.

    While I consider Wall St Banks criminal they
    would be successful in determining how the
    money was spent and keeping it going for a


    If its profitable then Wall St will attach to the
    Afpak teat, by profits alone.
    And Afpak will grow into a safe secure infrastructure.
    Defeat terrorism on the basis of profits.
    If they fail, its on their heads, US provided
    the opportunity.
    And would offer other assistance in curbing 
    terrorism but on a different level, special ops .

    All US is doing is providing Afpak a chance
    to fund a great and profitable infrastructure
    and better life for their citizens and end 

    US Win
    Afghan Win
    Paki Win
    Wall St Win
    Terrorist loose.

    Introducing a self funding paradigm for
    Afpak development and safety.
    US leaves CLEAN, 
    with Terrorist paradigm at a partial end.

    Exit with honor, and the onus on Afpak.

    War Anthropologist

    Post Script:
    To pull out of Afpak before terrorist are defeated
    is an invite another attack on CONUS.

    Our paradigm Intel on what happens when US does leave with current Paradigm.



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