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    Friday, December 17, 2010

    Google employee strangles hits

    This blog set to display 20 days of posts. Sorry Blogspot only shows 3 days, waiting for a Google fix, G

    Google employee continues to strangle out hits.

    This is secret Censorship at its worst.
    Our BSU's have determined,
    Its a Google employee changing our parameters,
    not the Google algorithm.

    Counter surveillance has his IP.
    We are launching an investigation.

    They continue to remove us from search results listings.
    All posts have been removed from "anthropologist"
    None of our posts can any longer be found under

    The Google Algorithm had us well represented under
    "anthropologist", but an Google employee has changed
    our Google settings.

    A related screen shot sent by fan.

    10 yrs blogging, over 2000 links from other sites.
    And a Google employee has destroyed our 10 yrs of
    work building a search engine ranking, The Google
    ranking was changed manually by a Google employee.
    I think this could happen to ANY blog.

    For a while the hits remained steady, we were lowered
    in search engine ranking and raised in Image search rankings
    to balance out the decline in search hits.

    Google does NOT have our Back, or yours.
    Well maybe they do!

    The Google employee wants to dis-credit us in the
    anthropological realm, by blocking our post from appearing
    under "anthropologist" search terms in the future.

    As its an Google employee censoring our hits by limiting
    our listing in search terms I think there are some FTC and FCC
    issues involved.

    We have discovered who, and how but what is his motivation?
    We cranked it thru our Paradigm engine, searching for those
    that might view us as an enemy, and be able to influence
    a Google employee to damage our search ranking?

    First out, on the basis of highest risk .
    Is an Terrorist planted in Google, adjusting
    search engine rankings, among other covert
    acts and intel collection.
    Our BSU's have determined Google
    has a list of covert Intelligence agents IPs,
    Including FBI agents.
    An Google employee could use that IP
    to track any and all info the Google system
    has regarding that IP and associated accounts
    and communications.

    What kind of threat would an al qaeda spy in google be?
    Search history,
    all the sites you visit,
    Custom search engines, 
    Friend Connect, 
    Mobile Sync,  
    Shopping List, 

    Perp Walk:

    We have done some serious damage to
    al Qaeda and the Taliban.
    So we think they would have motive.

    But they were not the only suspects.
    Some Anthropological associations
    have been having paroxysm over my
    use of the term "War Anthropologist"
    Quiet behind the scenes Secret pressure.
    I have a large readership and a followingin Anthropology ACADEMIA.
    I have had anthropologist say
    "Thats not anthropology"
    They don't understand.

    And my spirit soars, its a high,
    like making a touchdown.
    I just scored big points, from a pro.

    The end product is not Anthropology.
    It doesn't and shouldn't smell, read,
    or look like anthropology.

    Using applied Anthropology
    should be no more apparent
    than brush strokes on a
    painted wall.

    Its not the act you see,
    it is the wall,
    after the application,
    you don't see the tools
    just the work product,
    and the brushes are not apparent,
    not even thought of, if the job is good.
    I call it elegant applied anthropology.
    (of scientific, technical, or mathematical theories, 
    solutions, etc.) gracefully concise and 
    simple; admirably succinct.

    Many readers never see the anthropology,
    even some anthropologists miss it,
    applied anthropology, they don't see the act, the
    application, just the end product.

    The subject we have applied anthropology to,
    study of human culture, after the application.
    and present the subject in a new light.
    You never see the Anthropology.
    You never see the social change engine.

    One of the anthropologist said,
    your plowing virgin terrority.
    I agreed and added, "I decide which
    direction the fourghs go." 

    But maybe its not the Anthropology ACADEMIA.
    objecting to "War Anthropologist"
    and my new paradigm for Anthropology.

    The Wall St Bankers also have come into
    our sights and exposes, possible perps,
    lots of money history of ' legal 'criminal 

    So have the Republicans?

    Google employee a member of Anonymous?
    (Just cause your paranoid doesn't mean
    someone isn't coming for you. G )

    Regardless of the motivations:

    This changes the cyber war paradigm,
    We are used to fighting Terrorist webmasters
    hackers, even Gov. of Iran, and criminals.
    We have been attacked by Bots, dos,
    hackers and death threats,
    But never had I considered Google
    as a threat or risk.
    Asymmetrical Warfare. Hit them from the Blind
    side. And this was a blind side for me,
    and a awaking for you maybe.

    Maybe "they" don't see Anthropology in my Work?

    Internet Anthropology and the GWOT

    We have received may notes of encouragement.

    Dear Gerald,
    Please don't let what Google search has done to your hit results end your blog site.  Can't you talk to someone at Google to get your search ranking returned to it's previous level?  Will it help if myself and others requested this action?
    I've been following your work for over a year, and wish to thank you for your tireless efforts in protecting the www in America and hammering terrorists.
    I have learned much about the ongoing cyber war in the world today.  Your Paradigm engine is fascinating and quite accurate.
    I pray you don't end your blog site and can get the Google problem resolved.
    A Loyal Fan,
    ...I also stand behind you and the great work you have done.


    From the Feds:
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: 
    Kudos while we were down


    @ NOT a problem, I love your work and I 
    agree with your views keep up the good fight.


    But the lack of oversight of Google's Employees remains problematic.
    Look at what Manning copied and released to Wikileaks,
    And Google has no where near the oversight of the US Army,
    What could an Google Employee down load? Dispense.
    Is Google looking at a Wikileaks episode?
    Google just gave all the employees bonuses to keep them happy,
    Google has NO INTERNAL AFFAIRS, and minimal vetting.
    They remain a huge National Security Risk.
    While I don't yet know the motivation,
    I know you can't trust Google.
    I did trust even love Google and my site is getting strangled.

    We continue our investigation into Google.


    Further proof: 12.18.10 2:02 pm est.
    Google's algorithm does recognize me.
    I'm number 3 under a "Anthropologist" search.
    MY business card.
    But my blog has been blocked from the search results.
    They have manually blocked my blog from search results.
    After 10 yrs of blogging you know hit sabotage when you see it.
    Google's employee motivation  unknown.

    Click Graphic to enlarge:


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