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    Saturday, November 13, 2010

    The Death of the PC

    The Death of the PC

    Don Mattrick just killed the PC,
    or least gave it a fatal wound.

    The PC has been moving towards death
    for quite a while, just as Sonys walkman,
    was doomed from the start by technology.

    Some day we will tell our grandchildren 
    about this big box and TV on our desk
    we used as old foggys to do computer work,
    The really old will also tell about dial phones
    and 8 tracks.

    Many of the newest generation have already migrated
    to the cell phone for thier computer needs.

    The rest of us stubbornly cling to our full size
    screens and big keyboards.

    The cloud is already replacing the hard drive
    to some extent, storing date there rather than
    our PC.

    Those with good eyes use the teeny tinny 
    cell phone screen to surf the net, and 
    have gotten used to a keyboard on the
    cell phone designed for tinker bell.

    But we are moving into a new paradigm,
    even I can feel the suck.

    I-Glasses have a monitor build into
    a pair of glasses that gives you a 
    70 inch virtual TV screen. And there
    are two cell phones that have hires
    visual jacks to use the Iglasses.

    And the MicroSoft new gamer control
    or lack of a control, you just use your
    motions to communicate with the PC
    game will kill the keyboard.

    We have a cell phone connected to 
    the WWW, 
    We have hard drives in the clouds,
    and a 70" virtual TV screen in I-glasses.
    And a new controller  that reads our actions,
    next stop a virtual keyboard read by the new
    MS controller.

    The new MS controller has already been 
    hacked new applications on their way.

    This new paradigm gives you your
    virtual PC any where any time with
    a virtual 70" screen and a virtual

    Like I was going to watch a movie
    on that cell phone screen HARUMPH.

    The King is DEAD,
    Long live the King.

    Internet Anthropologist



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