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    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Iran persecutes resistance in Iraq

    Message from Iranian resistance.
    From our contact in the Iranian resistance.

    Regime change possible in Iran.
    "The next question is : Who is capable and has the organisational ability and resources and proffessiency and experience to do it ?"
    The answer to this is " the PMOI" > whose members are residing in camp ashraf along with other activists."

    "Through out the past year and half, Camp ashraf has been the "exchange pit" between the Maliki ( In person) and the Iranian so called spiritual leader "Khamenei " .
    This has been documented so well in many articles , letters and exchanges between the UN representative the UNAMI and Ashraf spokesman that it has been the Iranian regimes Supreme leaders direct orders to drive the Ashraf residents out of the place in order to break the "only remaining resistance bastion, so symbolic amongst those still wanting to resist in Iran " under any cost. The last was clear, Maliki still is persisting and getting direct orders.
    Only today , as he had his new visit ti Iran , another attack was derived onto the defenseless people. The only crime the residents have committed is not to strike back, which I believe WILL not be long!"

    "If you follow up the issue you will realize that they are VERY important for the regime in Iran and it feels a REAL threat by it although they are defenseless.
    That is why it is trying very hard to break their unit and dismantle them
    The help is to promote the voice and ask US to take more measure to physically protect these people.
    It was due to US embarkation and attack on the camp at the beginning (despite the Camps status in the war imposed) that camp has been suffering such aftermath."

    "Please distribute the news on this attack since they plan to through various means carry out the plan while the world is on other issues . I have attached some first hand photos I got .
    Ps: this camp has been under Iraqi siege for more than 17 months now , as result some very sick residents have died and many are under much pressure ! the UN? Aks them about it !"
    On the eve of Maliki’s visit to Tehran, Iraqi forces attack Ashraf residents and injures 10
    Upon orders of Nouri al- Maliki, on the eve of his trip to Tehran, as a down-payment to the clerical regime ruling Iran, Iraqi forces attacked Ashraf residents by firing bullets, and using sticks and truncheons. As a result, 10 Ashraf residents were wounded. 
    Maliki, who faces widespread domestic, regional and international opposition to maintain unlawfully his post as the Prime Minister, is trying to kowtow to the demands of the clerical regime more than ever.
    This attack took place when in an open aggressive move the Iraqi forces set up a new watch tower in the northern flank of Ashraf. A number of residents who were in the vicinity of the site of the new post, peacefully protested to this illegal act and sought explanation.
    In response, the Iraqi forces who were under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Latif Abdul-Amir Hashim al-Anabi, Captain Ahmad Hassan Khodheir, and Lieutenant Heidar Azab Mashi attacked the residents by firing bullets and using sticks that they had prepared in advance for this purpose. Firing bullets was done by the unit under the command of Heidar Azab. He is an agent of the Iranian regime who have attacked and assaulted Ashraf residents on number of occasions in the past.
    These forces also attacked the residents’ vehicles and broke their windows and inflicted heavy damages to them.
    Latif Abdul-Amir has blatantly stated that he received all his orders for suppressive measures from the committee within the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office tasked with suppression of Ashraf residents and an agent by the name of Sadeq from the same office.
    On October 13, in response to protests by officials of the United Nations and the American forces, “A responsible source within the [Iraqi] security forces involved in protection of Camp Ashraf… declared that his forces have no plan to attack the camp.” (Alsowt al-Iraq radio)
    Today’s criminal act and firing at the residents of Ashraf, beating and injuring 10 of them, clearly show that the Iraqi forces are not competent enough to offer protection to Ashraf and they themselves are considered as the killers of its residents. This makes the need to deploy the American forces and the permanent monitoring team of UNAMI inside Ashraf more compelling than ever.
    The Iranian Resistance warns against any delay in implementation of these essential measures and underlines the responsibility of the US forces to provide protection to Ashraf residents within the framework of international treaties and the US forces’ obligations under their agreement with every resident of Ashraf.
    Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
    October 17, 2010


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